Mondrian Doha Hotel (Rooms, Restaurant, Location, Photos)

Mondrian Hotel

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is a major travel destination in the Middle East. As a tourist, you will find many hotels and restaurants of every kind, making it a challenging decision to choose one. Mondrian Doha Hotel is a top-notch complex that invites its visitors to a unique and brand-new experience inside Doha, offering a variety of features and services for ease of the guests.

Let’s explore this lovely hotel in the heart of Doha.

Mondrian Doha Overview

Mondrian Doha, Qatar’s number one luxury hotel, offers an elevated hospitality experience that is never seen before. Combining a mix of luxury features, elegant designs, and advanced technologies, the Mondrian Doha is the top spot where you can accommodate and get nice relaxation during your trip and make great memories with your friends and families.

The purpose of Mondrian Doha is not only to relieve yourself but also to enjoy seeing the elegance and luxury characteristics of the hotel.

Mondrian Doha Hotel
Mondrian Hotel Doha Qatar

Mondrian Doha Hotel is another universe which you will notice when you enter the hotel. It is a completely different experience and a must-try one.

Mondrian Doha Location

Mondrian Doha’s Address is in one of the most luxurious areas of Doha, known as West Bay Lagoon. This hotel is situated in a business district and is close to other attractions in Doha (location on map).

You can find a variety of top-level restaurants and giant malls. Mondrian Doha is accessible from Lusail Street, and some of the most famous restaurants that you can go to are Rise Doha, Marrakech Restaurant, Raw Me, and Paul Bakery & Restaurant.

You can also enjoy the endless views from the hotel, providing a great chance to dive into Qatar’s atmosphere.

When did Mondrian Doha open?

Although many people think that Mondrian Doha is one of the oldest hotels in Qatar, the complex is considered to be one of the latest leading hotels that is known for its services and features.

Mondrian Hotel Doha
Mondrian Hotel Doha Pool

Opened in 2017, Mondrian Doha was designed by the famous Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. Since its opening, Mondrian Doha received a lot of recognition for its great services around the world as a part of the Ennismore lifestyle hotel chain.

Who owns the Mondrian Hotel?

Mondrian Doha is known as a part of the well-known hotel chain, the Ennismore Lifestyle. Mondrian Doha has won many awards for its amazing design and services.

How many stars is the Mondrian Hotel?

Mondrian Doha Hotel is a 5-star complex and a world-class facility that invites its visitors to a luxurious stay. With top-notch services, kind and helpful staff, and advanced features, Mondrian Doha labels itself as the best hotel in Doha.

Hence, the economical price of this hotel makes it one of the good options to accommodate, to not only enjoy its fabulous design but also make some unforgettable moments because of its provided comfort.

So, Mondrian Doha can be your escape and a luxurious decision that you will not regret. Make sure to check out Mondrian Doha next time you are visiting Qatar.

Mondrian Doha Photos (Design)

One of the key elements of Mondrian Doha is its unparalleled design. Mondrian Doha’s design is another universe that you will be amazed by. From its minimalistic sides to fancy and crowded designs, Mondrian Doha has it all when it comes to design elements.

mondrian hotel doha restaurant
Mondrian Hotel Doha Restaurant

In fact, the interior design of the hotel, which was designed by a local firm named South West Architecture, was once rewarded as the best interior design in the world and gained a lot of recognition in the tourism industry.

Mondrian Doha Hotel is blessed with a unique, luxurious, and elegant design that you will surely enjoy from it.

How many rooms are in Mondrian Hotel Doha? (Features)

Mondrian Doha includes more than 270 rooms and suites, and all of them are luxurious. Mondrian Doha Pool and Mondrian Doha Spa Center are also some of the great features of the complex that provide more opportunities for guests and travelers to relax and enjoy the services of the hotel.

Modern furniture pieces, distinctive design elements, combined local arts, and advanced features and amenities are some of the key highlights of the rooms of this hotel. Moreover, the modern pool and spa center of the Mondrian Doha are a must-try activity if you want to try out something unique.

Mondrian Doha Restaurants

Mondrian Doha is a testament to a luxurious stay, and as a great five-star hotel, it definitely includes some of the great restaurants inside or near its location.

Mondrian Doha restaurants, which are near the hotel, are some of the best dining facilities in Doha. For example, Rise Doha and Marrakech Restaurant, which are super close to the hotel, are both popular destinations that you should give a try.

Mondrian Hotel Doha Qatar
Mondrian Doha Hotel Room

The hotel also includes an inside bar and restaurant where you can try out both international and local cuisine on the Mondrian Doha menu.

Mondrian Doha Address

Mondrian Doha’s Address is easily accessible via car or taxi. It is situated in one of the loveliest areas of Doha, the West Bay Lagoon district. If you want to try out something unique at a reasonable price, then the Mondrian Doha Hotel is the best option for you as it provides both great services and features for guests.

Mondrian Doha is pet-friendly and offers 24-hour room services along with babysitting services. The hotel also has meeting rooms, a nightclub, a gym, and an indoor pool, which can elevate your experience.

Mondrian Doha Address: West Bay Lagoon, Doha, Qatar

Mondrian Doha Contact Number: 00 974 4045 5555


Mondrian Doha Hotel will be your first option if you want to try out something different. The captivating design of the hotel and its variety of features are some of the highlights of this hotel that attract many tourists and guests.

So, next time you are visiting Doha and you want to enjoy and relax in a nice hotel, don’t forget to check out the Mondrian Doha, situated in one of the nicest and busiest areas, the West Bay district.

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