Arabian Horse (characteristics, Height, history, colors)

Arabian Horse Height

Horses are fascinating animals and have various breeds. If we take a look at their different breeds, we can find a variety of Horses such as American Quarter, Arabian, Andalusian, Thoroughbred, Akhal Teke, Clydesdale, Appaloosa, and many others. Among these breeds, Arabian Horses are one of the oldest breeds in the world and are very popular.

With their unique characteristics and unparalleled beauty, Arabian Horses draw the attention of all human beings. Let’s have a look at this lovely breed of Horse, Arabian Horses. 

Arabian Horse

Originating in the Arabian Peninsula, Arabian horses are one of the oldest and most recognizable breeds in the world. They are significantly known for their profound beauty and elegance and are considered a purebred horse breed.

Arabian horses’ characteristics are also unique and different from other breeds, which makes them special and hugely significant.

Some also love Arabian horses for their versatility since they are used to endure difficult riding situations and have great stamina and the ability to withstand long distances. Because of their important abilities, they also succeed in racing, show jumping, and other sports.

Arabian Horse Characteristics

Arabian Horses have a refined and beautiful appearance. With a unique head shape and a prominent forehead, their large expressive eyes and dished profile can be easily seen.

Arabian Horse Facts
Competitive Arabian Horses

They also have a high-set tail and a well-arched neck, which make them more elegant. Arabian horses are usually medium-sized.

In terms of physical characteristics, Arabian Horse’s Characteristics include a few traits that set them apart from other famous breeds.

First of all, they have a compact body with a short back, strong legs, and high tail carriage. Sometimes, they also have a dense, fine coat and a mane and tail that are more elegant and beautiful than other breeds.

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Arabian Horse History

As we said, Arabian Horses are one of the oldest horse breeds on the planet. Arabian horse history dates back thousands of years and was a great part of Arabian culture. They mainly developed in deserts, making them highly adapted to harsh environments.

Bedouin people, who were one of the nomadic tribes of the Arabian desert, had a profound interest in these horses, and the horses were highly valuable and cherished within these tribes. Later on, over the centuries, Arabian horses became very valuable among different societies.

They were bought and sold by different empires and were used for great wars. In some societies, they were also a diplomatic gift and became prized possessions of kings and emperors.

Arabian Horse in Literature

Arabian Horses can also be seen in literature. They have been a recurring theme in the works of poets such as William Shakespeare, Lord Byron, and John Keats. Moreover, Arabian Horses also had great significance in literature throughout history.

arabian horse racing qatar
Arabian Horses at Al Shaqab Riding Academy

They symbolize beauty and elegance in the minds of poets and writers. For example, in the book “Arabian Nights,” also known as “One Thousand and One Nights,” Arabian Horses are featured in folklore tales and legends, and in some cases, they were prized possessions of the characters.

There is also a children’s book series named “The Black Stallion by Walter Farley,” which explores the bond of a wild Arabian Stallion and a young boy throughout different adventures. Other books about Arabian horses include “Hidalgo” and “The Horse and the Sword” by Robert Vavra.

These books are also excellent insights into the beauty, elegance, and power of Arabian horses, which are highly recommended.

Arabian Horse Temperament

Like their characteristics, Arabian Horse Temperaments are also unique. They are considered a highly sensitive breed of horses and can easily be aware of their surroundings.

Their abilities are endless, and usually, they are responsive and quick to learn. Moreover, intelligence is another trait that we can add to the Arabian Horse Temperament.

They have a great power to learn fast and problem-solving. Their intelligence, combined with their sensitivity, is one of the key matters that allow them to do well in equestrian sports.

Arabian horses also have a strong capacity to bond with their handlers and riders. Other highlights of Arabian Horse Temperaments are their spirited nature, high endurance, cooperativeness, and willing attitude. As a result, Arabian horses are one of the best breeds in the world.

Arabian Horse Height

Arabian Horse Height is usually between 14.1 hands (57 inches or 145 cm) and 15.1 hands (61 inches or 155 cm) at the shoulder, and they are mainly known as small to medium-sized breeds of horses.

Arabian Horse Height
Arabian Horse Characteristics

Interestingly, the measurement for Arabian Horse height is with hands, and one hand equals 4 inches (nearly 10.6 cm). Moreover, although they are relatively small and short, they don’t go in the category of ponies, and they are known as Arabian Horses.

Regarding being small, Arabian Horses’ weight is also between 800 and 1000 pounds, and since they are smaller, they use fewer resources. Another interesting point about Arabian Horses is that they normally have fewer bones compared to other breeds.

For example, many Arabian Horses have 17 ribs, while the standard number is eighteen. Also, Arabian horses only include 16 tail vertebrae instead of 18 and 5 vertebrae instead of 6, which is an amazing miracle in itself.

These particular reasons make Arabian Horses smaller and more compact than other breeds and can be a great advantage in terms of agility and speed. 

Arabian Horse Colors

Arabian Horse Colors come in a variety of forms and diversity, adding more beauty and miracles to their compact and small bodies. Two of the most common colors of Arabian Horses are Bay and Chestnut. The bay color ranges in different shades from reddish-brown to dark mahogany color.

For the chestnut color, horses usually have a light color or rich reddish-brown color, which makes them spectacular.

arabian horse colors
Arabian Horses Photos

Other common and popular colors are gray and black, which showcase the beauty of Arabian Horses and their dignity very well. Black is also very popular for Arabian Horse colors, especially in Arab literature.

What are Arabian Horses used for?

In the past, Arabian Horses were used for different reasons. By taking a look at history, we can see that Arabian Horses were used for wars and endurance ridings since they could maintain a steady pace over long distances.

The Arabian Horses were also used as prizes and gifts, and many people used Arabian Horses for pleasure ridings in the deserts or plains. They also have a significant place in beauty competitions and have popularity among horse lovers, and also can compete very well in race competitions.

Another important use of Arabian Horses is for breeding. Their beauty, agility, and athleticism make their bloodline very valuable.

Arabian Horse Facts

-Arabian horses are one of the oldest and most influential horse breeds in the world.

-Arabian horses originated in the Arabian Peninsula.

-They maintain a unique and compact shape compared to other breeds.

-Arabian Horses have lesser bones.

-They can easily tolerate harsh and desert environments.

Arabian Horse Qatar
Chestnut Arabian Horse

–Their agility, speed, and beauty are popular worldwide.

Arabian horses can have strong bonds with their handlers and humans.

-Arabian horses have had a significant impact on horse breeds worldwide, and their bloodline is very valuable.

-With proper care, Arabian Horses can live well into their 30s.

-Arabian Horses were used as gifts to kings in the past.

Which countries can we find Arabian Horses in?

We can find Arabian Horses in many countries. They are a symbol for Arab people and many Arabian nations. Saudi Arabia is the place of origin of this breed and is home to a great population of Arabian Horses.

Egypt, Oman, UAE, Qatar, and other Arabian nations are also some of the countries that are home to a significant population of these horses. Moreover, countries such as the United States, Poland, France, and some other countries also take proper care of these breeds and love them.

Today, a Cultural Symbol

Today, Arabian horses are a cultural symbol for many countries. They are deeply connected with the Arab culture and have a long root in the history of Arab people.

arabian horse photos
Arabian Horses Qatar

This special breed is a national symbol for many countries, such as Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Interestingly, they were also a symbol of wealth and power throughout history. In the modern world, we can see Arabian Horses in parades, festivals, traditional ceremonies, and even more.

They also compete in race and beauty competitions, making their breed more recognizable to the eyes of the world.

Final Words

Beauty, elegance, and being smart are only some of the main highlights of Arabian Horse characteristics. Arabian horses had an important place in the hearts and lives of Arab people, and they have been companions for humans for centuries.

Arabian horses are a symbol today in the culture of Arab people and are known as the national treasure of Arab countries. So, next time you are visiting an Arab country, make sure to check out some Arabian horses and see them from close.

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