F1 Qatar 2024 (Dates & Time, Schedule, Tickets, Track)

qatar grand prix 2024

Formula1 Qatar 2024 Schedule is set to take place from 29th November to 1st December. This is an exciting opportunity to feel, see, and experience the rush, the tires, and the adrenaline that flows in the air. F1 Qatar 2024 is one of the most adventurous things to do, along with enjoying the tourist sites of this beautiful and small peninsular country. You can learn about this exhilarating race by reading more about Formula 1 history.

Now, let’s dive into the world of Formula 1 and learn more about Qatar Grand Prix 2024 Dates & times.

F1 Racing Events

F1 Racing Events are one of the most beloved contests all around the world, and they take place in different countries. Many teams with their best-performance Formula 1 cars and drivers attend these races to win a battle against speed and time, along with other teams on a challenging racing track.

For those who follow Formula 1 races, this contest is filled with adrenaline rushes and thrills, and for those who are not a big fan of F1 Races, they would still be captured by the excitement and thrill of these racing contests. So, the F1 Races are one of the major sporting events in the world.

Qatar Grand Prix 2024 Dates & Time

Set to take place in Doha, Qatar Grand Prix 2024 Dates & time will start in the last days of November from 28th to 1 December, and this Grand Prix is going to be one of the big ones because all teams are prepared for this contest.

Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix 2024
Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix 2024

After one year of absence, Formula 1 Qatar will be a thrilling event, and it is going to test the big teams such as Mercedes, Alpine, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. So, mark out this day on your calendar and pre-purchase your tickets to Qatar Grand Prix 2024.

Formula1 Qatar 2024 Schedule

Formula 1 Qatar 2024 Schedule is from November to December. All the famous teams will be attending this match. There are extra and pre-contest plans for visitors, such as signature gatherings, taking pictures with drivers, etc.

Formula 1 Qatar 2024 Schedule is set to take place in normal weather conditions in Qatar because it’s relatively hot and warm during those months, so it will be easier for both drivers and fans who want to explore and watch the contest up close. So, we can see famous drivers in big teams making history in the Qatar Grand Prix 2024.

F1 Qatar 2024 Tickets

Qatar Grand Prix 2024 is going to attract many tourists from different locations of the world. Fans would die to see these races and experience the thrilling rush of the contest. So, to have a spot in these race events, it is important to pre-purchase your F1 Qatar 2024 Tickets to take the best seats and spots for yourself and your friends.

Interesting fact, F1 Qatar 2024 is going to take place during the night, adding more thrill to this event and making it more exciting for fans and tourists. Moreover, the F1 Qatar 2024 Tickets are three-day tickets, and you can book different spots such as Main Grandstand, North Grandstand, Turn 2 Grandstand, Turn 3 Grandstand, Turn 16 Grandstand, and General Admission, known as Lusail Hill.

Qatar Grand Prix packages
Qatar Grand Prix Packages

Their prices are different, and they start from 600 QAR to 3000 QAR. The best and most advised spot, if its prices are suitable for your budget, is the Main Grandstand, where you can feel the excitement and thrill of the fans and have a unique experience. The price of the Main Grandstand for Zone A/B, C/D, and E/F ranges from 2000 QAR to 3000 QAR.

Main Grandstand

Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with the Main Grandstand ticket at the Lusail International Circuit. Located on the Main Straight, facing the pit boxes, this prime location offers breathtaking views of the starting line, pit garages, and pit lane. Watch as drivers compete for pole position and witness the exhilarating post-race podium ceremony.

Ticket Includes:

– Entrance for all three days of the event

– 3-day access to assigned seats at the Main Grandstand

– Entrance to the F1 ® Fan Village, where you will find entertainment, activities for adults and kids, plus live entertainment

– Access to the food court to enjoy a broad selection of local and international cuisine

– Entry to all the post-race F1 ® concerts featuring international and Arabic artists

– Access to F1 merchandise and local merchandise outlets

– Complimentary return shuttles between Lusail Metro Station and the circuit

– Easy access to free parking

Formula 1 Main grandstand
Formula 1 Main Grandstand

As a Main Grandstand ticket holder, you’ll enjoy these exclusive features, and actual F1 tickets will be shared closer to the event.

All Packages Include:

-Airport transfer, ensuring a seamless arrival and departure experience

-Premium hotel accommodation with complimentary daily breakfast (November 28 to December 2, 2024)

– Ticket for all three days of the event

Starting Prices:

4-Star ~ $775.00

5-Star ~ $883.00

Luxury ~ $1,106.00

T16 Grandstand

Located at Turn 16 of the Lusail International Circuit, the T16 Grandstand provides an exciting new seating area with breathtaking views of high-speed action during the race’s final sector. Witness adrenaline-pumping moments as drivers skillfully navigate the challenging turn before entering the main straight.

T16 Grandstand Ticket:

– Entry Permit for all three event days

– Access to the open seating in the T16 Grandstand for a duration of 3 days

– Enjoy the F1® Fan Village, where you’ll find entertainment, fun activities, and live performances suitable for all ages

– Food court entrance, which provides a wide range of local and international food options

– Access to all after-race F1 ® music events showcasing well-known international and Arabic performers

– Local merchandise outlets and F1 merchandise are available

– Return shuttle service between Lusail Metro Station and the circuit is complimentary

– Accessibility to free parking

qatar f1 t16 grandstand
Qatar Formula 1 T16 Grandstand

– More information can be found on the seating map for the Lusail Circuit

Starting Prices:

4-Star ~ $490.00

5-Star ~ $598.00

Luxury ~ $822.00

North Grandstand

North Grandstand is strategically positioned on the main straight, overlooking the thrilling start and finish lines. This prime location offers an unparalleled view of the adrenaline-pumping action, including the starting grid, pit lane, team garages, and the highly anticipated podium ceremony.

In addition to the heart-pounding racing, your North Grandstand ticket grants you access to all post-race F1 concerts featuring world-renowned international artists, as well as these exclusive benefits:

Ticket Includes:

– Entrance for all three event days.

– 3-day access to free seating within the North Grandstand.

– Entrance to the F1 ® Fan Village, offering entertainment, activities for all ages, and live performances.

– Access to the food court, showcasing a diverse selection of local and international cuisine.

– Entry to all the post-race F1 ® concerts featuring Arabic and international artists.

– F1 merchandise and local merchandise outlets accessibility.

– Return shuttles between Lusail Metro Station and the circuit

– Easy access to free parking.

north grandstand qatar f1
North Grandstand Qatar F1

Starting Prices:

4 Star ~ $632.00

5 Star ~ $740.00

Luxury ~ $963.00

Paddock Club

Experience the ultimate thrill of the FORMULA 1 QATAR AIRWAYS QATAR GRAND PRIX with exclusive access to the prestigious Lusail Paddock and the esteemed Formula 1 Paddock Club™. Witness your favourite drivers and teams up close, while indulging in world-class amenities and gourmet hospitality throughout the electrifying race weekend.

Paddock Club™ Ticket Includes:

– Three days of private access to the circuit and Formula One Paddock Club™

– Prime viewing from the pit lane and team garages, overlooking the start/finish line, with complimentary grandstand seating also available

– Exquisite gourmet cuisine and premium bars featuring spirits, sparkling wine, beer, and soft drinks

-Exclusive pit lane walkabout(s) during designated times for a unique behind-the-scenes experience

– Guided F1 track tour and access to the Qatar Support Race Paddock for an insider’s perspective

– Private VIP parking access (one space for every two tickets booked) for your convenience

Starting Prices:

4 Star ~ $7,274.00

5 Star ~ $7,373.00

Luxury ~ $7,577.00

Premiere Hospitality

Step into the world of unparalleled opulence and excitement with the ultra-exclusive Premiere Hospitality ticket at the prestigious FORMULA 1 QATAR AIRWAYS QATAR GRAND PRIX. Be a part of motorsport glamour with VIP access, premium amenities, delectable fine-dining catering, and exceptional services and entertainment!

Qatar f1 Hospitality
Qatar F1 Hospitality

Ticket Includes:

– Entrance for all three days of the f1 event

– Three-day access to the upper level of the premiere hospitality building

– Prime seats with breathtaking views of the circuit’s main straight and turn 1

– Fine-dining catering that indulges your palate with exquisite cuisine

– Open bar serving a diverse selection of beverages to complement your experience

– In-venue entertainment featuring talented DJs and exhilarating racing simulators.

Starting Prices:

4 Star ~ $4,412.00

5 Star ~ $4,511.00

Luxury ~ $4,715.00

Champions Club

Indulge in the ultimate Formula 1™ experience at the prestigious Champions Club, offering exclusive access, prime views, gourmet dining, celebrity meetups, and thrilling race action. Prepare for a weekend filled with unmatched luxury and exhilaration.

Ticket Includes:

– Entrance for all three days of Formula 1

– 3-day access to the Champions Club, located on the upper level of the premiere hospitality building

– Optimal seating with stunning vistas of the main straight of the circuit and Turn 1

– Fine-dining catering featuring delectable cuisine

– Open bar serving a variety of premium beverages

– Special guest appearances from legendary F1™ drivers and media personalities

– Grid walk and championship trophy photo opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Qatar f1 champions club
Qatar F1 Champions Club

Starting Prices:

4 Star ~ $5,045.00

5 Star ~ $5,144.00

Luxury ~ $5,349.00

Club 16

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and excitement at the FORMULA 1™ QATAR AIRWAYS QATAR GRAND PRIX with our exclusive Club 16 tickets. Enter the prestigious Club 16, a meticulously curated premium lounge crafted for those seeking an unparalleled Formula 1™ experience.

From this exclusive vantage point, you’ll feel the electrifying energy as the world’s finest drivers compete for glory on the track.

Ticket Includes:

– Entrance for all three days of the event

– Three-day access to Club 16, a dedicated premium lounge

– Excellent seating with stunning perspectives of the main straight and final Turn 16 on the circuit

– Access to the outdoor terrace overlooking Turn 16 for an up-close perspective on the action

– Fine-dining catering to indulge in delicious cuisine

– A range of top-quality drinks available at the open bar to elevate your enjoyment

club 16 f1 qatar
Club 16 F1 Qatar


The minimum legal age for alcohol consumption is 21 years of age

Guests must bring either their original QID or an original passport for identification. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Starting Prices:

4 Star ~ $2,846.00

5 Star ~ $2,949.00

Luxury ~ $3,163.00

F1 Qatar 2024 Track

F1 Qatar 2024 Track is the Lusail International Circuit, which is a unique racing track. This circuit was designed mainly for Moto GP races and also has many fans around the world.

Nevertheless, the Lusail International Circuit is considered one of the fast and flowing layouts that is dominated by medium and high-speed corners. So, this circuit can be a real challenge for drivers who are not prepared, but it will be really exciting for the fans who enjoy a hard and fast-paced competition.

The Lusail International Circuit’s main straight is 1.068 kilometers long and provides ample chances for overtaking, and this results in an unpredictable race for the F1 Qatar Grand Prix 2024.


The Lusail International Circuit features several positive advantages for spectators and drivers. First of all, as we mentioned, this race track is a real challenge for many drivers and creates a thrilling atmosphere for the overall vibe of the contest.

Qatar Grand Prix
Qatar Grand Prix 2024

Secondly, the main grandstand at the heart of the circuit provides a great atmosphere for spectators to see the race and enjoy the area.

From this grandstand, you can see the pit crews, podium celebrations, and interviews in Parc Ferme. Moreover, the nighttime racing of the contest creates an aesthetic vibe and a great visual experience for the fans.

Formula1 Qatar 2024 Teams

Formula 1 Qatar 2024 Teams list includes all of the famous racers and teams that are eager to win a title for themselves and create history in the legendary circuit of the Lusail International Circuit.

We have all the teams in the list of Formula 1 Qatar 2024. Red Bull Racing team with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, Ferrari with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, McLaren with Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, and Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Aston Martin with Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, RB with Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo, Haas with Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen, Williams with Alexander Albon and Logan Sargeant, Alpine with Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, and last but not least, Kick Sauber with Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu.

Formula1 Qatar 2024
Formula1 Qatar 2024

These are the teams that are going to participate in Formula 1 Qatar 2024 Teams.  

Things to Do

Take a ticket to Qatar, the capital city of Doha, and not only visit its tourist attractions and historical monuments but also take advantage of different festivals and matches that are going to take place in Doha.

The F1 2024 Qatar Grand Prix is one of the major events in the Middle East and is a great opportunity to experience the rush and thrill of this racing contest between major teams.

You can buy different tickets for yourself and your friends, such as tickets from Main Grandstand, North Grandstand, Turn 2 Grandstand, Turn 3 Grandstand, Turn 16 Grandstand, and General Admission at Lusail Hill, ranging from economical prices to higher prices ideal for experiencing the uniqueness of this event.

You heard it once, but don’t miss out on our 10% off for your stay in Qatar and also for your seats at the Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix.

Qatar Formula 1 2024
Qatar Formula 1 2024

So, you can enjoy the atmosphere and vibes of this racing event during the last days of November and have a unique memory of Grand Prix races in the Middle East for the rest of your life.

Formula 1 Facts

The Lusail International Circuit, where the race will be taking place, is a challenging one with high-speed corners.

The race is going to take place during the night, creating a spectacular experience for both drivers and spectators.

The Qatar Grand Prix made its debut in the Formula 1 calendar in 2021. Although it is relatively new, it can be an amazing experience in Doha.

The Qatar Grand Prix 2024 is part of Formula 1’s expansion into the Middle East.

Qatar Grand Prix has witnessed significant moments, although being new.

Final Words

We offer you the opportunity to participate in F1 Qatar 2024 and buy some F1 Qatar 2024 tickets for yourself and your friends. You can enjoy this thriving contest and dive into the world of Formula 1 races. F1 Qatar 2024 Track is one of the most difficult and challenging racing tracks in the world, making the competition unique and amazing.

So, attend the Qatar Grand Prix 2024, and don’t forget to take your exclusive 10% discount from us to watch an amazing competition in Qatar. 

F1 Qatar 2024 will be held in November, contact us to find your desired Qatar Grand Prix package.


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