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Qatar travel advisor

Before Traveling to Qatar, there is some travel advice you need to take into consideration. Here we inform you of Qatar security and safety, entry and exit requirements, laws, and culture, which are necessary to know before traveling to Qatar. Everything about public transportation, the driving system, passport regulations, entry and exit bans, routine vaccines, legal processes, and the payment system. Make sure you research before traveling to Qatar to avoid problems. We hope you have a wonderful time traveling to Qatar.

The Security and Safety of Qatar

Is Qatar safe? Yes. There is a low crime rate, and violence is rare in the country. However, credit card fraud still occurs. Thus, always ensure that your passport, other travel documents, as well as your personal belongings are secure.

Women will have adequate safety in Qatar but must be aware of possible troubles. Avoid traveling alone after dark, and be careful when dealing with strangers or recent acquaintances.

Qatar travel advise
Qatar is safe.

Unfortunately, solo female travel may involve a confrontation with creepy men, something that can happen no matter where you are. Report any sexual assaults immediately to the nearest Government of Qatar office.

Road Safety

There are generally good roads in Doha, although they are often crowded, and some are still under construction. There are, however, poorly lit roads outside Doha, and roaming livestock can pose risks.

Traffic drives on the right. Be especially cautious of aggressive and reckless drivers who drive at excessive speed. Accidents causing fatalities are common and one of Qatar’s leading causes of death. While driving outside of Doha, be aware of your surroundings and safety.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is pretty convenient in Qatar, so if you don’t own a car, you won’t have any trouble getting around. There are buses in which the front seats are reserved for children and women, and the buses work throughout the day and night.

Qatar public transport
Qatar public transport

The bus fare is QR3 to QR4 (within Doha) and QR4 to QR9 (outside Doha). You can also get a Karwa Smart Card at Bus Station and Qatar Mall, which is rechargeable. There are officially marked taxis, but you have to wait for a vacant cab.

Requirements for Entry and Exit

The laws and regulations of each country and territory determine who is allowed to enter and exit their borders. Therefore, if you do not comply with the entry and exit requirements, there can be no intervention on your behalf.

The same goes for the country Qatar. Therefore, it is important that you take into consideration all the requirements before traveling to Qatar.


Travel requirements vary based on the type of passport you use. Consult your transportation company regarding passport requirements before you depart.

passport in qatar
Qatar travel advice: Check the validity of your passport

In some cases, the country’s passport validity rules are more restrictive than the country’s entry rules. Travelers with temporary passports or emergency travel documents may be subject to different entry rules. Your nearest foreign representative for your destination can provide you with information before you leave.


Visa plays a major role in the travel process to many countries. In the same way, traveling to Qatar involves the process of getting a Qatar visa for citizens of some countries. Even so, citizens of over 95 countries are eligible for visa-free entry into the State of Qatar.

There is a variation in the lengths of stay allowed, so it is best to check with an authorized entity about the applicable terms and conditions.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures from November 20 to December 18, 2022. Thus, travelers entering Qatar between November 1, 2022, and January 23, 2023, are required to have a Hayya card (fan ID).

Qatar world cup safety
World cup 2022 safety

You must comply with the following if you plan to travel to Qatar during this period: Obtain your FIFA tickets first, as they are required in order to obtain your Hayya card, then make arrangements for your accommodations, and lastly apply for a digital Hayya card.

Foreign nationals will not be permitted to enter the country without a Hayya card during this time.


No matter where you are traveling, make sure your routine vaccines are up-to-date based on your province or territory. A few of the vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, varicella (chickenpox), influenza, and others.

It might be necessary to get a vaccine or take medication before traveling. During your travels to this destination, you may encounter preventable diseases. Ensure that you speak with a travel health professional about the correct medications or vaccines for you.

Entry Bans

An entry ban prevents you from travelling to the destination you were planning to visit. Qatar regulations ban entries for passports containing Israeli visas, Israeli border stamps, or Egyptian or Jordanian border stamps issued by offices bordering Israel may be refused entry into Qatar.

qatar entry ban
Qatar entry ban

Exit Bans

In certain cases, local authorities can prevent you from leaving Qatar if you have incurred debts and loans with a Qatari institution. In order to leave the country, you must not be in debt or have any loans. In the same way, authorities may issue a travel ban imposing restrictions on your travel out of Qatar if a legal proceeding is pending.

Laws and Culture of Qatar

Qatari law systems are significantly different from other countries. Laws, penalties, and legal procedures may vary, so it is important to abide by local regulations when traveling to this country.

qatar culture advise
Qatar traditional souq

According to Qatar’s legal process, suspects and witnesses may be detained for up to 3-5 days without access to legal counsel or consular officials. It is possible that Qatari officials will issue a travel ban for an unresolved case. Such processes can take up to several years.


According to Qatari law, sexual acts and relationships between people of the same gender are prohibited. Travelers belonging to the LGBTQ+ community may also face discrimination or even imprisonment as a result of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or sex characteristics.

An individual who is convicted may be sentenced to ten years in prison. It is important for LGBTQ+ travelers to carefully consider the risks involved in traveling to Qatar.

Illegal Activities in Qatar

Any case of illegal drug possession, use, or trafficking carries harsh penalties. The chances of being convicted of a crime and serving a lengthy jail sentence are high for those condemned. It’s good to know that the consumption of alcohol in public is illegal.

Qatar doha illigal activities
Consumption of alcohol in public is illegal

Avoid drinking alcohol outside licensed premises. Additionally, it is important to note that in 2023, the lunar month of Ramadan is expected to begin around March 22nd. Consequently, in public, between sunrise and sunset, refrain from drinking, eating, or smoking.

Dress and Behavior

As a result of Qatar’s Islamic tradition and beliefs, its laws, customs, and regulations are closely aligned with them. Public displays of affection, such as holding hands and kissing, are not widely accepted in Qatar.

The wearing of head coverings by foreign female travelers is not typically expected. It is, however, considered inappropriate to wear revealing clothing.

Qatar dress code
Qatar travel advice: Qatar dress code is important

It is important to dress conservatively and behave discreetly in order not to offend local sensibilities, to respect religious and social traditions, and don’t forget to ask permission from locals before taking photographs.

Other Illegal Activities

A heavy fine or jail term may also be imposed for other illegal activities in Qatar. It is prohibited to photograph government buildings and military bases, litter public spaces and common areas, traffic pork, issue bounced checks, engage in prostitution, and spit in public spaces, including on beaches.

Cutting, uprooting, burning, and damaging trees, shrubs, and weeds, as well as stripping their bark or leaves, is against the law.

Driving in Qatar

Driving in Qatar is permitted with your license for up to seven days. In order to drive in the country for more than seven days without a permit, you must have an international driving license.

driving in Qatar
Qatar travel advice

Applicants for an International driving permit have a maximum six-month validity period. Qatar has strict driving laws that are strictly enforced by local authorities. The country has a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving.

Don’t Forget Your Identification

Like any other place in the world, Qatar’s Local authorities may ask you to show identification at any time. Therefore, it is better to carry photo identification with you everywhere you go.

Ensure that a copy of your passport, visa, or residence permit is secured with you just in case the originals are stolen or lost. If you lost any of your belongings don’t hesitate to report to the police officers of Qatar.

Currency of Qatar

Qatar riyal is the official currency of Qatar (QAR). You can use your credit card instead of carrying cash since credit cards are widely accepted. You must fill out a declaration form when entering or leaving the country with more than QAR 50,000 or the equivalent in other currencies.

Qatar rials
Qatar rials

It is necessary to declare many things besides money, such as Qatari riyals, foreign currencies, travelers’ cheques, money orders, checks, precious metals, or stones. If these rules are not followed, fines, imprisonment, or fund seizures may result.


Remember these Qatar travel tips as they will help you a lot in dealing with Qataris. You also get good information about this country which is very useful.


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