FIFA World Cup 2022 Travel Checklist

World cup travel check list

Qatar is to be hosting the most unforgettable football venues in the history of the FIFA World cups. With the biggest event coming up, dive into the land of the orient to create the finest memories of the FIFA tournaments.

If you happen to be a visitor, get updated about the FIFA world cup 2022 travel checklist to avoid future complications. Do not forget to follow our Qatar world cup travel tips for a sound journey to this magnificent eastern realm. Read more about new event in Qatar.

The First Step: Buy your tickets for the games

The first step for traveling to the Qatar World Cup is to buy tickets for one or more World Cup football matches of a group stage. The match tickets have different prices depending on their susceptibility and the teams playing.

world cup ticket
Buy your world cup ticket before your travel

For example, you can buy lower-priced tickets for Spain and Japan for only 95 euros, but the lowest-priced tickets for Iran may cost up to 200 euros. The reason is that Iran is in the same group with the prominent teams of America, England, and Wales.

To purchase tickets, you can go to the FIFA website and buy your tickets directly, but some Iranian travel agencies also provide tickets. In any case, you must book at least one game ticket.

The Second Step: Book your flight tickets

The next step in the FIFA world cup 2022 travel checklist is buying and booking your flight tickets to Qatar. Once you have purchased the tickets for the 2022 World Cup games, you should look up the airline ticket sales sites to find the best flight with the most suitable price.

Regardless of which airline you choose to fly to Qatar, if you travel on a Qatari flight, you will enjoy special privileges and discounts.

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The Third Step: Schedule your room reservation

Now that you have booked your match tickets and prepared for your trip to Qatar, you should book satisfactory accommodation according to your needs. Select the ideal rooms from a variety of hotels and resorts, apartments and villas, cruise ships, and fan villages through the official Qatar World Cup 2022 portal.

hotel booking qatar
Book your Accommodation

If your stay is not in a hotel and you have decided to spend a relaxing sojourn at a friend or acquaintance’s house, your host must confirm your stay at Hayya. For this, your host must also register in the Hayya application.

The Fourth Step: Apply for a Hayya Card

Hayya is your license card to enter the game area and village. To get your Hayya card, you need to go to the Hayya portal and install the Hayya to Qatar 2022 application on your smartphone.

What is the purpose of this digital card?

  • Your entry permit to Qatar
  • Access to stadiums with match tickets.
  • Free public transport travel, from November 10 to December 23.

Note: The current average processing time for a Hayya Card approval and issuance is up to five days, so take note of the expiration date. Anyone planning to visit Qatar World Cup 2022 must have a Hayya card. The application ought to be separate for each person.

The Fifth Step: Download these essential applications for the Qatar World Cup 2022 travel checklist

Downloading the necessary applications during the World cup will aid you in having a comfortable excursion and no troubles. Make sure you install the following applications on your smartphone.

worldcup 2022 checklist
World cup 2022 check list

The Hayya Card application

Once you have applied for your Hayya Card, download the Hayya Mobile App and activate your profile to receive the Hayya Card. This application will easily give you the underneath features on your smartphone:

  • Entry permit to Qatar
  • Access to the stadium
  • Free access to the train station/subway
  • Free access to the bus

Ehteraz application (the official contact tracing application for the State of Qatar)

This application was made mandatory in Qatar during the pandemic and is a covid-19 tracking app used in Qatar. You should download and have the Covid-19 status tracking app ready on your phone upon your arrival at the airport.

Ehteraz app
Ehteraz application

This tracking app generates a QR code that shares vaccination status, current status and risk of contagion, and more.

Before entering the closed spaces and the city center, such as shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, hotels, grocery stores, and other places, you will be required to show the Ehteraz application.

The Sixth Step: Check the latest travel policies for Qatar

In this step of the checklist for traveling to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, you are required to get informed about the latest policies needed for touring Qatar. Therefore, you will not face any legal issues or fines. The rules and regulations related to Covid-19 are considered the most vital. It is necessary to stay completely up-to-date on this matter.

The Seventh Step: Flying to Qatar for the World Cup

Seeing that you have completed and checked all the steps above, it’s time for a memorable trip to Qatar World Cup 2022. This World Cup may be the last appearance of champions like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Robert Lewandowski, and more.

Book a flight to world cup
Qatar Airways is the best option

This year’s World Cup will be thrilling for football fans because if Messi or Ronaldo fails to become the world champions in Qatar 2022, they may not be able to achieve this later on. With all, they will always be regarded as the greatest footballers of all time.


For a safe trip to the World Cup 2022, ensure that you have conformed to all the steps outlined above in the Qatar World Cup travel checklist and are aware of the latest rules and regulations for entering Qatar. The rest of the tasks are only having fun and cheering on your favorite team. Read more about things to do in Qatar.


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