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The Radwani House is one of the beauties of Doha, offering visitors an insight into how family life in Qatar has evolved over the years. This house best showcases not only how Qatari people’s lives have changed over time, but also how families in Doha have changed. Radwani House was first built in the 1920s and is located between Msheireb and Al-Jasrah, two old neighborhoods of Doha.

This renovated house offers traditional Qatari family life and collects, preserves, and shares memories of Qatar.

Radwani House shows how families were closely related and how they lived their daily lives. This house is located in a museum called Msheireb, which we will introduce in detail below.

Msheireb Museum

Msheireb Museum consists of four historical houses that reflect the complete history of Qatar and its people. This beautiful museum dates back to the 20th century.

Radwani house doha
Radwani House | Image Credit: Roula Kassab

Bin Jelmood House

When it comes to witnessing Qatar’s dark history and understanding the struggle for where the country is today, Ben Jelmood House is the perfect place to explore.

This Qatari heritage house belonged to Mohammad Jelmood and played a key role in eliminating norms such as human exploitation.

Bin Jalmood House
Bin Jalmood House | Image Credit: Anas Mohamed

In the past, the people of Qatar faced the cruel fate of slavery, and the House of Bin Jelmood acknowledged and preserved each and every part of its history during this period. You can learn about Islam’s role in ending slavery.

Once upon a time, people fought for survival in a society with equal rights, and the legacy left by this historical house acknowledges their social participation and economic achievements.

Mohammed Bin Jassim House

Mohammed Bin Jassim House is one of the best attractions in Doha that takes you back to ancient times. Built by the son of Qatar’s founder, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Jassim Al-Thani, this heritage house depicts many things about Qatar and the lifestyle of the people who lived there at that time.

Mohammed Bin Jassim House
Mohammed Bin Jassim House | Image Credit: Feroz Siddiqui

If you want to travel back in time, this house is perfect for reliving the old days. This ancient house correctly shows the challenge of living with contemporary life and preserving heritage.

The architecture of the Moshirib Museum fully shows how houses were built in the past. From Sika alley to open bars and squares, banks, cafes, and pharmacies, they all form a complete neighborhood.

Company House

This house is dedicated to the workers in Qatar who made it one of the leading countries in oil refining.

There is a story of every industrial worker and their family who helped change the country’s perspective and bring it to the point where it stands today.

Their journey from Doha to Dukhan will tell you how Qatar reached the milestone it stands for today.

Radwani Historical House

Radwani House, which represents the life of a traditional and royal Qatari family, is a full-fledged historical attraction.

From keeping all the family details to sharing the lifestyle of the people who lived there, this house tells the whole story to take you back to that era.

Radwani house qatar
Radwani House Qatar | Image Credit: Ahtsham Ahmed

This house belongs to Ali Akbar Radwani, which was built in 1920. He was one of the richest people in the country who lived like other royal families.

It was in 1977 that the house was abandoned and later restored in 2007 as a heritage house for tourists to visit. From the beauty and architectural design to the interior, every corner of the house has its glory.

The History of Radwani House Doha

Radwani House is an image of a typical Qatari house built in the 1920s. Ali Akbar Radwani and his family lived in this house for more than 70 years after its purchase on 14 December 1335.

radwani house location
Radwani House Doha | Image Credit: Xavier Berard

Radwani House has been restored over time and is one of the most important historical buildings in Doha. The house shows the extraordinary history of Qatari life and lifestyle and depicts the adaptation to the vast social changes in Qatar in the 20th century.

Special research on the Radwani House was conducted in the winter of 2012-2013 by a team of archaeologists from University College London. This was the first archaeological research that was conducted in the whole of Qatar.

radwani house contact number
Radwani House Bedroom | Image Credit: Souq O

According to the research, this house originally consisted of two buildings, which were combined after the purchase of these two parts by one owner.

In the excavations of the Radwani House, objects were discovered that provided clues to the daily life in this house. Incense burners were found from the 1920s to 1930s, a collection of discarded pearl shells from the tides, coffee cups, mugs, jewelry, clothing, and toys.

Radwani House Architecture

Each of the houses in Msheireb is built in the traditional Qatari architectural style and has courtyards with tall columns, which were more common in the 19th century.

Radwani Historical House
Historical House in Qatar | Image Credit: Aqdar Alkhuder

Radwani House looks windowless from the outside. The window is only on the wall facing the courtyard. Meanwhile, the yard itself is surrounded by houses on all sides.

The arrangement of the rooms in the Radwani historical house also shows its own characteristics. Some rooms were specifically dedicated to kitchens and storerooms.

More Information to Visit Radwani House Doha

Radwani House Opening Hours: This historical museum is closed on Sundays and is open on Fridays from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM and other days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Radwani House location: Msheireb Downtown Doha, Qatar
Radwani House Museum contact number: +4459 9740459
Radwani House Museum website: www.msheirebmuseums.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Last Word

Radwani House in Msheireb museum is one of the most important heritage sites where you will learn a lot about its history and culture. Each of the houses defines the art, history, culture, heritage, and people of Qatar, along with the development achieved along this path.

Since ancient civilizations can go back thousands of years, these museums maintain their authenticity. During your trip to Qatar, you can also visit this museum and historical house in Qatar and get to know more about the lifestyle of Qatari people in the past.

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