Yasmine Palace Restaurant Doha (Menu price, Reviews)

yasmine palace the pearl

Yasmin Palace is located in the heart of “Pearl” in Doha. A beautiful example of a unique blend of history and modern luxury, this palace showcases the charm of authentic Arabian architecture and whispers tales of legendary figures whose shared love of jasmine links them to this grand establishment.

Its walls, imbued with the secrets of past centuries, come alive to tell the epic story of Jasmine’s significance within the palace walls.

As you step inside, you find yourself in a warm and inviting environment, where every corner radiates the magical beauty etched in the nature of the place. In this article, we will introduce and review the restaurant of this magnificent palace so that you can get to know more about its attractions.

Yasmine Palace

Yasmine Palace is located in The Pearl and showcases the elegance of the past with contemporary luxury in an environment decorated with authentic Arabic architecture.

This unique dining destination is a true masterpiece, offering four distinct culinary experiences within its opulent walls – a rare gem as the only multi-themed restaurant complex in Doha.

yasmine palace buffet price
Yasmine Palace Restaurant Doha

As you enter, the walls whisper stories of history and take you on a journey that spans continents. Amidst this enchanting ambiance, Yasmine Palace pays tribute to Arab cultures and civilizations, serving a delicious blend of Andalusian, Levantine, and Qatari-inspired dishes, all made with a deep love for jasmine.

From the inviting courtyard to the grand archway, every moment at Yasmine Palace Qatar promises a unique dining adventure unlike any other in Doha.

Yasmine Palace Restaurant Doha

Yasmine Palace has four separate restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience:

Andalusia Restaurant (Oriental Cuisines)

In Andalusia Restaurant, you can enjoy the rich and varied flavors of oriental food. This dining destination promises a journey through the vibrant and aromatic dishes that define the East.

Tamari Café (Traditional Café)

Tamari Café offers a taste of tradition in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Enjoy the timeless charm of a traditional café experience, with a selection of delicious foods and drinks to taste.

yasmine palace menu
Yasmine Palace Menu

Alrabwa Restaurant (Levant Cuisines)

Alrabwa Restaurant brings the Levant region’s culinary heritage to life. Enjoy the taste of Levantine cuisine, where time-honored recipes meet contemporary presentation.

Terrace (Multi Cuisines)

The Terrace at Yasmine Palace is a culinary crossroads that offers a wide variety of dishes for every taste.

From the moment you step onto the Terrace, you enter a multi-cuisine adventure that transcends boundaries and traditions.

These four restaurants are each designed in a different way to satisfy every person with every taste.

Before visiting Yasmine Palace, you can visit their website and see and compare Yasmine Palace restaurant photos to make a better choice according to your taste.

Yasmine Palace Restaurant Qatar Menu

Yasmine Palace restaurant menu is a culinary masterpiece, which is designed and presented in the best way and includes a diverse range of flavors and dishes.

The breakfast menu offers a variety of options, from the opulent Oriental Golden Breakfast Tray to the more modest Oriental Silver Breakfast Tray and the internationally inspired International Breakfast Tray. For those seeking a lighter option, Foul Any Style is a delightful choice.

yasmine palace reviews
Yasmine Palace Design

Moving on to the main dishes, the menu presents an array of exquisite options, including the delectable Chicken Cashew and the sumptuous Ghouzi Lahem.

Seafood lovers can savor the Grilled Tiger Shrimp, while those with a taste for chicken can enjoy dishes like Chickens Butter With Rice and Chicken Biryani.

If you are in the mood for grilled delights, the BBQ and Grills menu will not disappoint. The Mixed Grill Plate, designed for one person, offers a flavorful medley of grilled goodness.

You can also explore regional favorites like Kebab Halabi and Khishkash Kebab or opt for the Mahi Kebab for a true grilling sensation.

Yasmine Palace Restaurant Menu Price

Yasmine Palace restaurant offers a diverse menu with a range of breakfast options, main dishes, and BBQ and grills.

For breakfast, you can choose from the Oriental Golden Breakfast Tray priced at 199 QAR, the Oriental Silver Breakfast Tray at 119 QAR, or the International Breakfast Tray at 99 QAR. There is also the option of Foul Any Style for 48 QAR.

Moving on to the main dishes, the restaurant offers several enticing options. The Chicken Cashew is priced at 106 QAR, while the Ghouzi Lahem, a dish featuring roasted lamb, is available for 150 QAR.

yasmine palace food
Yasmine Palace Restaurant Menu Price

For seafood lovers, there is the Grilled Tiger Shrimp priced at 195 QAR. Other options include Chicken Butter With Rice at 106 QAR and Chicken Biryani at 105 QAR.

If you are looking to enjoy BBQ and grills, the restaurant has a variety of options. The Mixed Grill Plate, ideal for one person, is priced at 145 QAR, offering a selection of grilled meats.

Guests can also savor the Kebab Halabi and Kebab Khishkash, both priced at 97 QAR. Additionally, the Mahi Kebab, featuring grilled fish, is available for 185 QAR.

Yasmine Palace Restaurant Buffet Price

The Yasmine Palace restaurant offers a lavish buffet spread for guests. The buffet includes a variety of hot and cold beverages, bakery items, and appetizers. Hot beverages on the menu include istikana red tea for 22 QAR and classic teapots for two people for 37 QAR.

The cold beverages section offers orange juice and pomegranate juice for prices ranging from 39 to 47 QAR. For bakery items, kunafa cheese and cream are priced at 50 QAR each, while baklava with ice cream costs 65 QAR.

Additionally, the hot appetizers section has meat, spinach, and cheese fatayers priced at 55 QAR for five pieces of each variety. Overall, the Yasmine Palace buffet price offers a wide selection of Middle Eastern and international cuisine at affordable prices.

Yasmine Palace Restaurant Reviews

Yasmine Palace restaurant has received rave reviews from its customers and has captured the hearts and tastes of diners near and far.

Customers praise the restaurant for its exceptional cuisine, and many praise the varied menu to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Qasr al Yasmine
Qasr Al Yasmine

Special attention is paid to the quality and presentation of the food, and guests are consistently impressed by the taste and artistry on their plates.

The beautiful setting and attentive service also score high and create a pleasant and memorable dining experience.

Yasmine Palace Restaurant has truly established itself as a culinary gem, garnering glowing reviews for its delectable cuisine, welcoming atmosphere, and impeccable service.

Yasmine Palace Restaurant Price

Yasmine Palace restaurant offers a range of delicious dishes at reasonable prices. With options for breakfast, main dishes, BBQ, and grills, as well as beverages and desserts, there is something for everyone.

The menu prices reflect the quality and variety of the food, ensuring guests can enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

yasmine palace doha
Yasmine Palace Restaurant Price

Yasmine Palace restaurant menu price covers a wide range of budgets and makes sure that every guest with any amount of budget can have many choices and enjoy the most.

Final Word

Yasmine Palace, or “مطعم قصر الياسمين” in Arabic, is an architectural gem and a must-visit site for anyone looking to experience the rich history and culture of Qatar. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the palace’s majesty and charm will leave you in awe.

It is a place where you can experience the grandeur of the past and be reminded of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations.

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