Al Mafjar Beach, Qatar (Photos, Map, Location)

al mafjar beach

Qatar is popular for its numerous beaches and attractions. In recent years, the country of Qatar has been successful in attracting a lot of tourists and visitors from all around the globe. Many people visit this hidden gem in the Middle East for its endless beauty, as it is filled with diverse locations that are enjoyable for everyone. Old Ruins Beach, also famous by its other name, Al Mafjar Beach, is nestled in the northern part of Qatar. It is an excellent and ideal place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauties of Qatar.

Al Mafjar Beach Qatar

Interestingly, many tourists and travelers prefer to visit somewhere unspoiled and quiet, a place where they can enjoy the peace and comfort of their surroundings and cherish its beauty.

Al Mafjar Beach, also known as Old Ruins Beach, is a great location and hosts countless beauties. This location is a peaceful place that offers a lovely environment for families and friends.

al mafjar beach map
Al Mafjar Beach Qatar

We can call Al Mafjar Beach (Old Ruins Beach) a combination of natural elements and a sense of tranquility. So, it is highly advised to visit this location with your loved ones and have memorable moments with them.

Al Mafjar Beach Map

Al Mafjar Beach is situated in the northern area of Qatar. Al Mafjar Beach Location is super close to the Persian Gulf, neighboring Iran.

On the map, you can find the Al Mafjar Beach Location by Al Shamal Road, which is accessible from Al Ghariya Street. If it is your first time in Qatar, you can rent a private car and navigate this road via GPS since it is easily accessible.

Hence, you can also book a guided tour or travel to this location with other groups to enjoy its beauty. Additionally, the beach is also near Al Ruwais City, a small seaside city which is approximate to Rakan Island.

Relentless Beauty of Al Mafjar

Al Mafjar Beach in Qatar has gained fame for its peacefulness and unspoiled environment. Interestingly, the beach has been named after a village that was an abandoned one known for its unique charm and traditional vibes.

The shallow waters and clear skies aren’t the only highlights of this location, as it includes little caves, rocks, and fishes. It is also surrounded by mangroves and sandbanks, which adds to its cool vibes and lovely charms.

It is described as one of the peaceful and picturesque destinations where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset and many more from its relentless beauties.

Things to Do at Al Mafjar Beach

You can enjoy various activities in the beautiful setting of Al Mafjra Beach Qatar. Relaxing in the natural beauty of the area is one of the most common things to do. Watching the clear sky and majestic sea surely brings joy to the soul.

al mafjar beach qatar
Al Mafjar Beach or Old Ruins Beach

In addition, the beach also offers an excellent chance for swimming and diving into the water, as it is a joyful activity. Wading in the water and feeling the fishes and crabs nibbling your toes is also another joyful activity at Al Mafjar Beach Qatar.

Moreover, with just a mask and snorkel, you can explore the amazing world of underwater and discover new things. Al Mafjar Beach is an ideal spot for snorkeling as it is very quiet. 

Best Time to Visit Al Mafjar Beach

Qatar is known as a warm country and is hot at most times of the year. Nevertheless, it provides great chances to explore its attractions even on warm days.

If you want to visit Al Mafjar Beach, also known by its other name, Old Ruins Beach, it is preferable to visit during the cooler months, which are from November to April.

The weather of Qatar during these times is ideal for a happy vacation, especially if you want to explore its beaches, islands, and seaside destinations. Moreover, Al Mafjar Beach Qatar is also less crowded during these times, which is ideal for those who want to have an enjoyable experience.

Hence, it is also worth mentioning that even if you visit the beach during warmer months, you will still have the chance to face its charm and uniqueness.

al mafjar beach location
Al Mafjar Beach Photos

Al Mafjar Beach Address

To reach the Al Mafjar Beach Address, you will need to start your way from north of Doha and drive to Al Shamal Road. The next thing you should do is to take a right after the second roundabout. Then, continue on the same road until you see some houses at the shore and turn right. By continuing that road, you will reach the beach. It is advised to rent a private car if you don’t want extra trouble.

Also, don’t forget to take sunscreen protection, food, and your tools with you. You should also have water-proof shoes, water and snacks, diving goggles, and fins and snorkel to have an amazing experience from this spot.

Al Mafjar Beach Qatar Reviews

Most comments about Al Mafjar Beach Qatar praise its peacefulness and its tranquility. This beach is known for its scenic beauty and shallow waters; it also offers a way to disconnect from the outside world and enjoy your moments more.

Photographers and Videographers also have positive opinions about this location. They mainly point out the tranquil environment of the beach that is combined with its natural beauty and is a great opportunity for taking amazing photos.

So, if you want to visit Al Mafjar Beach, which is highly recommended, make sure to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your surroundings.

Last Word

Al Mafjar Beach is a hidden gem nestled among the beauties of Qatar in the northern part of the country. It is an ideal destination for those who are seeking peace and comfort and want to end their day by looking at the sunset on the edge of the sea.

So, pack everything with you. Gather your friends and loved ones, and consider Al Mafjar Beach as your next stop. Make sure to enjoy and cherish your moments at this amazing location, Old Ruins Beach.

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