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Qatar Beaches

When it comes to spending quality time with your friends and family in the Middle East, which country is better than Qatar? From small and big islands that offer a glimpse into Qatar’s luxury life, deserts, mangrove forests, and lovely beaches, Qatar has everything for every desire. Attracting numbers of tourists every year from around the globe, public Qatar beaches are ideal locations to relax and enjoy its beauties.

In this article, we will go through Qatar Family beaches and know what are the best beaches in Qatar for family.

Does Qatar Have Good Beaches?

All around the globe, Qatar is famous for its countless and beautiful beaches. With major investments in Qatar’s tourism, Qatar’s private beaches and Qatar Family beaches have grown fast. Many public beaches in Qatar are ideal for a family vacation or an escape from routine and daily life.

These spots invite their visitors and travelers to a unique and top experience that can create memorable and special moments. Although there are plenty of public beaches in Qatar, all of them are excellent and full of beauty and good vibes.

The Top Public Beaches in Qatar

Among Qatar’s Beaches List, it is a difficult job to choose only a few of them since all of them are excellent at providing a tranquil environment to cherish the beauties of Qatar and enjoy its comfort.

Qatar Public Beaches
Qatar Public Beaches

There are both family beaches and private beaches in Qatar, and all of them are nice and joyful. Qatar beaches map is extended all over the bordering area of the Persian Gulf.

Nevertheless, we have gathered a list of top public beaches in Qatar, so you won’t face any problem choosing one.

Al Khor Beach

One of the well-known beaches of Qatar is Al Khor Beach, which is listed among Qatar’s private beaches. Al Khor Beach is famous for its tranquility and modern infrastructure and is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the capital city, Doha. It is also super close to Doha, and many tourists and guests visit this beach very often.

Al Khor Beach invites its visitors to Beach Leisure and includes Water adventure facilities such as private resorts. So, this one is highly recommended if you want to behold something different. 

Inland Sea (Khor al Adaid)

A surreal and serene spot, the Inland Sea, an inlet of the Persian Gulf, which is situated in the southeast of Qatar, is another mesmerizing location. This ideal destination looks like movies, and you won’t believe its serene beauty if you don’t experience it by yourself.

Khor al Adaid is also suitable for photographers who want to capture something unique in the Middle East.

Inland Sea
Inland Sea Qatar

The Inland Sea, or Khor al Adaid, is considered one of Qatar’s family beaches and is ideal for a group vacation. So, make sure to stop by at the lovely Inland Sea.

InterContinental Beach

Another gem in Qatar is InterContinental Beach, which is one of Qatar’s private beaches and is owned by the InterContinental Hotel Doha, a famous and luxurious resort.

InterContinental Beach Doha is also listed in Qatar beaches’ bikini list, meaning it is allowed to wear swimsuits and has more freedom for tourists.

InterContinental Beach provides an opportunity where guests can stay at its luxurious hotel and access its private beach, which is filled with the latest features and amenities that add to its elegance. Visitors can sunbathe and enjoy the provided leisurely activities at InterContinental Beach and Hotel.

Katara Beach

Katara Beach is one of the best beaches in Qatar for families. While offering breathtaking views of the Persian Gulf and featuring tall and luxurious buildings, Katara Beach is a family-friendly location.

This beach is open from 9 am to 10 pm and also has an entry fee, which is about 25 QR for anyone between seven and 17 and 50 QR for adults.

Katara Beach
Katara Beach Doha

Food stalls, restrooms, and restaurants are easily available at this beach and include a lot of features, amenities, and leisure activities. It is important to note that Katara Beach has a few restrictions. Men should wear shorts, and as for women, they should be covered to their knees and elbows.

Umm Bab Beach

Qatar beaches list is long; hence, Umm Bab Beach is a must-visit location, especially for foreign tourists. Umm Bab Beach is a 24-hour open destination without any entry fee. Nevertheless, this beach is a lovely and tranquil spot to relax and unwind beneath shadows provided by the clusters of Palm trees.

As one of the online user reviews says about this location, Umm Bab Beach is ideal for camping and beach games because it provides a peaceful and enjoyable environment, especially for group travelers who want to spend quality time.

The Pearl Qatar Beach

Pearl Qatar Beaches are also amazing spots to enjoy the tranquility of Pearl Qatar. This location is a great combination of elegance and peace, and interestingly, there are no clothing restrictions for both men and women at Pearl Qatar Beaches, although they are considered one of the public beaches in Qatar.

Qatar Beaches have food stalls and nice restaurants in their area, and they are good choices if one wants to enjoy the scenic settings and views of the Persian Gulf while experiencing the culinary delights of Qatar’s cuisine and delicacies.

Simaisma Beach

Simaisma Beach is a popular attraction for leisure activities. Simaisma Beach is also known as one of the best beaches in Qatar for family and groups of friends.

Simaisma Beach
Simaisma Beach Photos

With a lot of mangroves and an endless view of shallow waters, this beach is also well-liked among locals. Simaisma Beach has no entry fees and also has gone under development.

As a result, there are restrooms, showers, and special parking spots available at this family beach. Play in the sand or sunbathe under the clear sky while looking at the sea to make your day more comfortable and joyful.

Al Maroona Beach

Located in the northeast of Qatar, approximately to Fuwairit Beach, there is a hidden gem, not very famous, but an incredible location; Al Maroona Beach, one of the quietest places in this country, is a fine destination to gather your friends and family to have a picnic and enjoy a day by the sea.

Swimming is one of the popular things to do at Al Maroona Beach, and discovering the underworld beneath the sea is a fulfilling experience.

Build sandcastles with your kids and breathe in the nice air to freshen up your body and mind. Al Maroona Beach is a fine getaway from the crowded city of Doha.

Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach is situated in Al Ghariyah and is the only spot where you can watch the turtles lay eggs in Qatar. Fuwairit Beach is not only an ideal location for photography, it’s heaven for photographers. It is a great place to watch the natural wonders while having a comfortable moment on the sand shores.

Fuwairit Beach
Fuwairit Public Beach

Other activities at Fuwairit Beach include rock climbing, swimming and discovering the world beneath water, camping overnight, and kitesurfing.

Fuwairit Beach also offers a great atmosphere, enjoys the natural beauties of its setting, and makes memorable moments for families and children.

Al Ghariya Beach

Do you want to go out for a camping and barbecue gathering on one of Qatar’s beautiful beaches?

Then, Al Ghariya Beach is the right decision for you. Drive to Al Shamal Road, approximately 80 km north of Doha, and pack everything with you. Al Ghariya Beach is an unspoiled location, and its untouched beauty will cherish your soul.

Swimming is also highly recommended at Al Ghariya Beach. There are also nice and luxurious resorts and restaurants available where you can enjoy the views and comfortable settings of them. Al Ghariya Beach offers an unparalleled experience for tourists.

Al Thakira Beach

The biggest mangrove preserve in Qatar is Al Thakira Beach, known in the world. It is an amazing spot for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Well-known among both locals and tourists, Al Thakira Beach has the most soothing activities.

There are play areas designed for kids, and it’s totally family-friendly as it provides parking spots and food stalls. Another amazing thing to do at Al Thakira Beach is bird watching.

Al Thakira Beach
Al Thakira Beach & Mangrove

This destination is home to several species of birds and provides a one-of-a-kind experience that you cannot find in other beaches in Qatar beaches list.

Wakrah Beach

Wakrah Beach is also an unspoiled destination in Qatar’s beaches list. Al Wakrah Beach is one of the top public beaches in Qatar and provides tourists with a lot of opportunities.

Wakrah Beach was a fishing village in the past, and until today, it has remained a cultural and traditional center for old Qatari people, so expect to see a lot of fishing gear, little boats, and exquisite beauty.

Besides fishing, swimming, and birdwatching are other main activities that Wakrah Beach provides. You can also check out traditional stores and restaurants available and enjoy the cool traditional vibes of this cultural location.

Dukhan Beach

Open to the public, and an ideal destination for leisure activities, Dukhan Beach is a great attraction that is well-liked among foreign tourists. The rocky surface of the beach, plus amazing views of the sea, especially during sunset, makes this location an enjoyable one.

Camping is one of the fantastic activities to do at Dukhan Beach, and you can enjoy a night with your friends and loved ones at this lovely location.

Dukhan Beach
Dukhan Beach Photos

If you want to access Dukhan Beach, you need to go from Dukhan Road and the Al Jemailiya Area.

Which Ones Are Popular?

All of Qatar Beaches are open and ideal choices for a unique experience. Indeed, Qatar’s beaches map is extended, and it’s hard to visit and explore all of them since each one is unique and exceptional.

Hence, if you want to visit the whole of Qatar in a short period and experience a little bit of escape from the crowdedness of the city, visiting the popular beaches will give you a great perspective of the tranquility and comfort of Qatar’s beaches.

Al Khor Beach, Fuwairit Beach, Umm Bab Beach, Katara Beach, and Inland Sea are the most popular and top public beaches in Qatar. So, we recommend these beaches if you want to explore Qatar.

Qatar Beaches Dress Code

Qatar Beaches’ dress code varies from one to another. Although Qatar isn’t a restricted country, there are certain cultural norms and dress codes that one should follow, especially if they are new to this peninsular Islamic country. For example, if you want to explore certain beaches in Qatar, it is recommended to wear modest and respectful swimsuits and bikinis, and revealing swimwear is generally not encouraged.

Covering elbows and knees for women and wearing shorts for men is necessary on certain beaches, such as Katara Beach, which is a family-friendly location.

Qatar Beaches Dress Code
Recommended Qatar Beaches Dress Code

Overall, if you want to visit Qatar Beaches and you are not familiar with Qatar Beaches’ dress code, make sure to ask locals or tour guides and keep in mind to wear respectful clothing and consider local sensibilities.

Can You Sunbathe on the Beach in Qatar?

Of course! Sunbathing is totally allowed on many beaches in Qatar. Many beaches also provide open and designed areas for tourists and visitors to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the natural setting of the beach. However, don’t forget to take the necessary precautions and take sunscreen protection with yourself to avoid any intense rays of the sun.

Final Words

If you are planning to visit Qatar, there are plenty of beaches to explore, from traditional village-like beaches to the most luxurious ones; Qatar has so much at one’s fingertips.

So, Qatar’s beaches list is filled with beautiful spots and locations where families and friends can enjoy themselves. Public beaches in Qatar provide an ideal experience that can make memorable moments for all travelers.

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