Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque (State Grand Mosque Doha)

Imam Muhammad bin AbdulWahhab Mosque

As the largest mosque in the stunning country of Qatar, the Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque stands as a symbol of the country’s national heritage. The State Grand Mosque Qatar was inaugurated in 2011 in the city of Doha, and it bears a picturesque façade with a blend of traditional Arabic architecture and modern design.

This Grand Mosque has been a tourist attraction for thousands of visitors from all over the globe for its luxurious and sophisticated demeanor.

What is the state grand mosque in Doha Qatar?

The State Grand Mosque Qatar is the national mosque of Qatar or simply a holy place for the Sunni Muslims to perform their prayers and other religious duties.

The unique-looking mosque of Qatar is named after the Sunni preacher, theologian, and scholar Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who was also the founder of an Islamic reformist movement and doctrine called Wahhabism.

state grand mosque doha
Imam Muhammad bin AbdulWahhab Mosque

The mosque was opened in 2011 by the ruler of Qatar, His Highness Father Amir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani.

Built in the memory of his father, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, who was the founder of the State Grand Mosque of Qatar, ordered the construction of the elegant national mosque in Qatar.

Today, the opulent national mosque has been regarded as a symbol of divinity for the Sunni Muslims of Qatar.

On December 16th, 2006, the Grand Mosque changed and was renovated to meet the needs of the modern world. Although this national mosque holds a modernized exterior design, it still has kept its traditional etiquette.

State Grand Mosque Architecture and Amenities

The dashing grand mosque of Qatar features one of the most outstanding architectural styles.

Since Qatar has big plans to modernize the country and create an excellent spot for tourist attractions, it also chooses to preserve its traditions and historical values.

For this reason, the State Grand Mosque Doha has brought forth a striking sacred location with the combination of both the past and the present.

The Design

The overall design of the Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque is kept simple; however, it also bears a magnetizing Arabic architecture, which makes this location highly elegant.

The outside façade of the mosque is made of sandstone, with numerous domes seen on the outside of the mosque.

Imam Muhammad bin AbdulWahhab Mosque Doha
State Grand Mosque Architecture

On the top of the mosque, 93 domes are constructed. Around 65 of these lowly-height domes form the outer quadrangle, and 28 of the larger domes cover the central hall inside the mosque.

Wooden pentagon-shaped windows and doors cover around the national mosque of Qatar. The roofs inside the mosque are arched in the shape of a half-moon with pillars and ornamented walls.

This mosque possesses one minaret with arched windows surrounding the top side of it. In addition, a vast open space is located around the State Grand Mosque.

The Entrances

The State Grand Mosque has 20 entrances, while three of these are the main entrances. The rest of these doors of the mosque, which are 17 doors in total, are the side doors leading to the mosque.

state grand mosque entrance
The State Grand Mosque has 20 entrances

The entrances are decorated with eccentric golden ornamentations that are truly eye-catching. Moreover, the large entrances help reduce congestion during prayer times since large groups of men and women walk into the mosque to perform Islamic prayers.

The Interior

Inside the mosque, the floor is covered with red carpets for the devotes to rest and pray effortlessly. The halls are air-conditioned to create a pleasant and fresh environment.

The ceilings of the halls are domed, and luminous chandeliers are hung from every dome in the central hall to illuminate the striking interior of the Grand Mosque.

The Floors

The mosque is made up of three separate floors, which are the Mezzanine, the Ground Floor, and the basement. Elevators are provided for visitors to move between the floors (going up to the Mezzanine floor).

The Mezzanine floor has an area of 2,594 square meters and offers several facilities. A library and two large halls, one for men and one for women are used for the memorization of the Quran, as well as a prayer hall for women.

Qatar Grand Mosque
It has three separate floors.

The Ground Floor has an area of 12,117 square meters. This floor has a prayer hall for men and another for women, a wudhu area for women where the Muslims perform their purification and cleansing procedures (ablutions), and an area specially made for women that serves other necessary needs of women.

The basement has an area of 3,853 square meters and provides restrooms, machines, and a wudhu area for men.

Other Amenities

Comfortable chairs are placed at the sides of the pillars for all visitors to read the Quran or relax for a moment. A large courtyard is built within the men’s section of the mosque.

The Parking Area

The spacious parking lot has an area of 4,877 square meters, which offers a vast area for visitors to pray or visit the Grand Mosque.

The State Grand Mosque design
Qatar Grand Mosque Capacity

The parking area is divided into nine separate sections. Each can accommodate 300 cars. An indoor parking lot is also provided for parking your car with ease.

Qatar Grand Mosque Capacity

The area of the Grand Mosque is 175,164 square meters, which makes the place very spacious.

It can house at least 11,000 men for prayers in its large central hall and 1,300 women in the special area that is adjacent to the men’s section, as well as the women’s prayer hall, located on the mezzanine floor.

Grand Mosque Qatar Juma Time

Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque prayer times are:

  • Fajr – 3:59 – Iqamah 3:59
  • Shuruq -5:17
  • Jumuah – 11:32 – Iqamah 11:32
  • Asr – 15:00 – Iqamah – 15:00
  • Maghrib – 17:48
  • Isha – 19:18

Grand Mosque Qatar location

The Grand Mosque location is in the Jubailat district of Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

Imam Muhammad bin AbdulWahhab Mosque
Grand Mosque Qatar location

The State Grand Mosque Doha is in the south of the Corniche, over the hill where you will see the Qatar Sports Club in the West Bay of Doha city.

Guidelines that you must follow before entering the Grand Mosque of Qatar:

  • Please do not make noise while the prayers are taking place.
  • Respect and honor the holy place of the Muslims and do not disturb their religious duties.
  • Food and beverages are forbidden inside the mosque, so make sure to enjoy your meal before entering the mosque.
  • Take your shoes off outside the mosque and store them inside the shoe racks provided for visitors.
  • To keep the holy place quiet and serene, children under the age of 7 are not allowed inside the mosque during lecture times and Ramadan between the Isha prayer and the Qiyam (midnight prayer). They are permitted only in the women’s section on the Ground Floor.
  • Taking photos in the women’s section is strictly banned.
  • For foreign non-Muslim visitors entry might be restricted, so please check with the authorities for entry times.


The enthralling State Grand Mosque of Qatar in the beautiful city of Doha is surely a work of art that shows the history and the path the city has walked through over the years. The mosque, depicting a magnificent combination of both ancient and modern architecture, will undoubtedly inspire you.

The unique façade of the Grand Mosque is absolutely perfect for snapping distinguished pictures. It is a fantastic location to learn about the lives of the people of Qatar and discover new places while traveling overseas. So, be sure to visit the captivating Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque in Qatar!

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