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A country that wants to be a leader needs an international airport and a great airline. Qatar Hamad International Airport is an airport that handles 50 million passengers a year and is the main transportation hub in Qatar. Follow this article to learn more about Doha Hamad Airport and see what to do at Doha Qatar Airport.

Where is Hamad International Airport?

The main airport of Qatar, Hamad International Airport, is located in Doha. This airport is 4 km from Doha city, and domestic and international flights to Qatar are carried out from this airport.

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Image credit: Hamad International Airport

The earliest construction of this airport was finalized in 2003. This airport was supposed to open in 2009; however, due to financial and infrastructure difficulties, it only opened in 2014.

The state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport in Doha is Qatar’s gateway to the world, and the airport also hosts the national airline Qatar Airways. Hamad Airport is 15 minutes away from the heart of the city.

Hamad International Airport includes 138 entrance gates, which can move 8700 passengers per hour. Moreover, the travel procedures, luggage collection, and other passenger services are designed in an integrated way so that there would be no problems for the passengers of this airport.

Hamad airport facilities
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Other facilities of this airport include a beautiful and large hotel, 2 squash courts, more than 30 restaurants, a gym, a 25-meter swimming pool, and a spa, which are near the departure hall.

Qatar Hamad International Airport has five stars. Currently, Hamad has completed the first phase of the smart airport program by winning numerous international awards and has entered the second phase of its development.

In the second phase of development, which is a plan for the Qatar World Cup 2022, the Qataris plan to transport 53 million passengers, which will be among the best in the world.

They became the third most popular airport in the world in terms of tourists in 2020 and reached the top in 2021. Although, they were also struggling with the Corona pandemic during these years.

Hamad airport terminals

This airport has an asphalt runway of 4900 meters. Reputable airlines such as British Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global, Iran Air, Pegasus Airlines, etc., operate in this airport.

Hamad International Airport Terminal
Image credit: Hamad International Airport

Hamad Airport has direct flights to Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Lar, and Isfahan. This international airport has a terminal that has five large halls. The sixth hall is also going to be built on to this airport.

Terminal halls were labeled with English letters A, B, C, D, E, and F. We will introduce each of these halls separately below:

Hall A: This hall has 10 flight gates. Two of the gates are assigned to the Airbus A380 flight.

Hall B: Like Hall A, it has ten gates, two of which are assigned to Airbus A380 flights.

Hall C: This hall has 13 gates, two of which are for Airbus A380.

Hall D and E: There are four gates on the first floor and another four on the ground floor. These two halls are growing and developing.

For the 2022 World Cup, more terminals and gates will be constructed in this airport.

What are the facilities of Hamad Doha International Airport?

When you go to 5-Star Hotel, you expect everything to be luxurious and satisfying. We should have the same expectations from a 5-star airport. The facilities and services of Qatar Hamad Airport are beyond imagination, so you can see a part of special services when you see each section.

hamad international airport
Image Credit: Hamad International Airport

Below are some of the facilities of this international airport:

Exchange: Like any other airport in the world, there is an exchange in Hamad International Airport that will convert currency for you, but because of the high rate, it is better not to convert currency at the airport.

Restaurants and coffee shops: More than 30 coffee shops and restaurants at Hamad International Airport serve passengers by offering a variety of drinks, international dishes, authentic Qatari dishes, etc.

Free Internet: You can connect to free Wi-Fi internet in all parts of the airport. To use the internet, simply connect to free internet by HIA Wi-Fi.

Children’s playground: Children’s playground is installed in the airport so your children can have fun while waiting for the flight.

Hamad airport play ground
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Shops and shopping malls: There are shops for books, clothes, Qatar souvenirs, jewelry, Qatari handicrafts, food items, etc., at the airport, where you can buy your favorite products or colorful souvenirs tax-free.

Gym: A large and well-equipped gym will make sure that you do not miss your daily exercise routine.

Art Museum: If you have a layover flight or are waiting for your plane to take off, visit the Hamad Airport Art Museum. There are international and domestic works in this museum.

Bath and spa services: Bath and spa services and massage can be found at the airport, but the level of service and quality in this center is high.

Oryx Airport Hotel: The 100-room Oryx Hotel is one of the best airport hotels in the world. You can book this hotel for a few hours (more than 5 hours) and use its unique facilities. Staying at this hotel is recommended for people who have a transit flight.

Hamad airport hotel
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In addition to the above facilities, services such as a mother-and-child room, medical service office, pharmacy, restroom, prayer room, and bathroom should be added to this list.

Access ways to Doha Hamad Airport

Hamad Doha Airport is located outside the urban area. Therefore, you must reach the airport via vehicle. Below we have written the access ways to Hamad Airport:

Metro: The most economical and perhaps the most convenient way to reach Hamad Doha International Airport is to use the red line of the Doha Metro.

Bus: There is a bus station at the airport that takes you to the two stations of Masayed Industrial Zone and Al Ghanim Bus Station. A Carva card is required to use the bus. Route 109 goes to the Masiasad area and Route 747 to Al Ghanim station.

qatar airways
Hamad international airport is the home of Qatar Airways

Taxi: Taking a taxi in Qatar may not be economical as taxis work by kilometer, and you will need to pay more than other public transport.

Car rental: It is possible to rent a car at the airport, but it has regulations you must follow. The car rental office is located outside the arrival hall.

Al-Maha Services: You must book this service. This service is like an Qatar airport transfer, but services such as carrying luggage, receiving flight tickets, passport services, check-in services, etc., are also provided.


Leaving aside the amazing architecture of the airport, we must say that this airport can face any challenge in terms of service quality. An airport that is attractive to both adults and children because they installed 500 rides for children in 5 large playgrounds. The heart of Qatar Airways beats in this airport, and every trip that lands or flies in this airport is like the pulse of Qatar in the world.

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