Vendome Mall Qatar (Lusail): Location, Metro, Shops

Place Vendome Mall Lusail

The modern country of Qatar is full of enormous malls and beautiful attractions. The capital of Qatar is well-known for its countless malls and shopping destinations. The shopping malls of Qatar offer a rich experience along with joy and comfort. Some of the shopping malls in Qatar are greatly designed and reflect architectural innovation. Some of the famous malls of Qatar include the City Center Mall, the Mall of Qatar, the Villaggio Mall, etc. The latest luxury-shopping destination, which opened its doors in 2022, is the Place Vendome Mall. Let’s learn more about the Place Vendome Mall of Qatar.

Place Vendome Mall Overview

Opened its doors in 2022 for the first time, The Place Vendome Mall is now one of the most popular malls in Qatar. The Place Vendome Mall is the latest grand mall of Qatar, providing all the things visitors may need in a luxurious location.

The mall was built for $1.3 billion to stand out as one of Qatar’s best luxury malls. The Place Vendome Mall is a destination for luxury and fashion in Qatar.

Place Vendome Mall
Place Vendome Mall Outside | Image credit: Sunil Pawar

The Place Vendome Mall takes its visitors on an extraordinary journey that will bring joy and satisfaction to everyone.

The Place Vendome Mall is built on four floors and takes over 1,150,000 square meters, so the mall is gigantic. The Place Vendome Mall is a shopping destination that one never could get tired of and will explore all day.

Place Vendome Mall Location

The Place Vendome Mall is located in the second largest city in Qatar. Lusail city is another business and leisure hub of Qatar.

The Place Vendome Mall is situated in the Lusail Entertainment City and is easily accessible via car, taxi, and metro. There are several hotels, restaurants, and attractions near the Place Vendome Mall as well as inside the mall.

Place Vendome Mall Location
Place Vendome Mall Location | Image credit: Thahir Muhammed

The mall is also not far from the beach, and you can easily reach the sea within a 15-minute walk. One of the must-visit locations around the Place Vendome Mall is the Lusail Marihena Corniche.

Place Vendome Mall Design

The Place Vendome Mall is a neoclassical masterpiece located in the Lusail city of Doha. The iconic Place Vendome in Paris, France inspired the design of the mall.

The mall is a showcase of elegance and luxury in a Qatari style. The use of glass, stones, and steel and the creation of open spaces and clean lines in the design of the mall makes it very enjoyable to watch.

Place Vendome Mall Design
Place Vendome Mall Design | Image credit: Paul Glenn

The Place Vendome mall is a spectacular building, and the elements used in the mall are unique and functional. The interior and exterior design of the Place Vendome Mall is a true work of art and is an architectural wonder, making it a must-visit destination in Qatar.

The mall is also designed with the latest technologies & advancements, and it features energy-efficient systems, including energy-efficient lighting and a rainwater collection system.

Place Vendome Mall Shops List & Restaurants

Not only is Place Vendome Mall an architectural masterpiece, but it is also a famous shopping and dining destination, providing a range of renowned brand stores and dining restaurants. The mall houses a 5-star hotel, luxurious apartments, and over 550 stores.

You can find almost every product you desire in any category, including jewelry, electronics, books & stationary, health, cosmetics, fashion, accessories, homeware, etc.

Place Vendome Mall Restaurant
Place Vendome Mall Shops List & Restaurants | Image credit: Inanc Ozmetin

The Place Vendome mall is a destination where every brand, from local high-level brands to internationally famous brands, is gathered under one roof to meet the needs of the customers. Some of the well-known stores of the mall include Christian Dior, Dior Beauty, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, H&M, Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Swarovski, etc.

The Place Vendome Mall also offers some of the best dining options that can be found in Qatar. With several restaurants, cafes, and lounges, the mall invites visitors to a unique and optional dining experience.

Place Vendôme Mall shops
Place Vendôme Mall Supermarket | Image credit: Hussain Alaskar

Whether you are in the mood for Italian cuisine, Chinese dish, or traditional Arabic cuisine, the Place Vendome Mall has it all. There are also several cafes and coffee shops that offer a relaxing atmosphere and a menu of delicious treats for customers.

There are many popular restaurants and coffee shops in the mall, including Pizza Hut, New Shanghai, McDonald’s, Marks & Spencer Café, Rosemary Café, Starbucks, Tanoshii, That Burger Place, etc.

Things to Do in Place Vendome Mall

Along with numerous shops and retail stores, the Place Vendome mall provides various activities and entertainment options for visitors, including dancing outdoor water fountains and an outdoor 3D laser show.

Things to do in Place vandome
Things to Do in Place Vendome Mall | Image credit: Tony Fred

The Place Vendome mall is perfect for exploring and having a special shopping experience. You can enjoy the vibes and the atmosphere of the Place Vendome mall of Doha and make unforgettable memories at the leisure hub of Qatar.

Pieces of Information

The Place Vendome mall is situated in the city of Lusail and is easily reachable via car, taxi, and Doha metro. There are free parking spaces provided outside the mall for more comfort. The nearest metro station to the mall is the Lusail Central Station.

If you want to reach the Lusail Central Station, you should first go to the Legtaifiya Station and take the Lusail Tram on the Orange Line to Lusail Central Station. The mall is located outside of this station’s exit.

Place vandome adidas
Adidas in Place Vendome | Image credit: Bittu Boss

Place Vendome Mall Opening Hours:
Sunday to Wednesday – 9 am to 10 pm
Thursday to Saturday – 9 am to midnight
Place Vendome Mall Address: Wadi Al Gaeya, Lusail
Place Vendome Mall Contact: +974 4144 0000
Place Vendome Mall Website: Here

Elegance and Luxury

The Place Vendome Mall is one of the best shopping destinations in Doha, where you can feel the elegance and luxury of Qatari people. The Place Vendome Mall is a one-stop shopping destination for all your needs and a paradise for shopaholics.

The Place Vendome Mall includes many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Provided features and amenities of the mall are above the standard level. The mall is a world-class destination for an experience beyond the ordinary. If you want to explore a luxurious and beautiful mall in the modern capital of Qatar, then the Place Vendome Mall is the ideal destination for you.

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