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Torch Tower Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Doha near Khalifa International Stadium and Villagio Mall, which can be seen from miles away. This hotel is very popular and famous because of its revolving restaurant called three sixty. Staying in this hotel is a memorable experience for travelers, and its unique features include luxurious rooms, multiple and multi-level restaurants, a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, transfer, and ideal access to the Doha metro line.

Torch Hotel Doha

The architectural style of the Torch Tower Hotel is in the shape of a torch, a symbol of the Olympics, which provides you with a 360-degree view on different floors. You can see Three Sixty restaurant 360 Doha photos to understand its beautiful view.

torch hotel restaurant
The Torch Doha | IMage source: The Torch Doha

This hotel has outdoor and indoor swimming pools, beauty salons, and experienced staff from different parts of the world fluent in English and Arabic, along with rooms suitable for different budgets and tastes ranging from 42 square meters to suites of 76 to 115 square meters.

Features such as a 50-inch HD LED TV, bathtub and luxury bathroom amenities, ideal mini-bar, elaborate Arabic and European breakfasts, elevator, and parking for passenger cars here for travelers from Qatar and Doha make this hotel an attractive place to stay that gives travelers a unique experience.

360 restaurant view
360 restaurant view | Image credit: SHope Pael

It is interesting to know that an independent entrance to the Villagio Mall shopping center and the amusement park of this complex has been designed from the Torch Tower Hotel Doha so that you can easily engage in shopping and entertainment.

Located in a torch-shaped building in Doha, this hotel has a revolving restaurant and panoramic views of the city. It includes a health club, an infinity pool, and a beauty salon.

All accommodations at The Torch Doha are equipped with a 12-color mood lighting system, air conditioning, a minibar, and a private washroom.

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Torch Hotel Restaurants

The most famous restaurant of this hotel is the Three Sixty restaurant, which is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

Three Sixty One is a rotating restaurant on the 47th floor of the torch Hotel. This restaurant is a good option for a nice lunch where you can enjoy the view of the whole city while eating. Also, you can use a variety of Italian, Arabic, and Mediterranean food menus and enjoy the beautiful and enchanting view of the city at night.

Three Sixty Restaurant design
Three Sixty Restaurant design | Image credit: Ahmad AL-Mulla

Breakfast is served every day at the Flying Carpet restaurant with its stylish decoration.

Nearby Places: A walkway connects the Torch hotel to Villaggio mall, Doha’s largest mall. Also, this hotel is 202 meters away from Khalifa Stadium. In addition, free private parking is available at The Torch Doha.

Three Sixty Restaurant Menu

This restaurant has a very diverse menu for all kinds of tastes, making it suitable for anyone with any taste and creating a pleasant experience.

The 360 restaurant Doha buffet price is a bit expensive, which is reasonable considering the restaurant’s unique location and the quality of service.

three sixty restaurant 360 doha menu
Three sixty restaurant 360 doha menu | Image credit: Ahmad AL-Mulla

You can benefit from the quality services of this restaurant every day from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Of course, remember that the last order in this restaurant is placed at 10:30 pm. Some of the most popular and delicious dishes in this restaurant are:


Vegan Platter (Vegan and gluten-free): Mini blueberry salad, Romesco sauce, Eggplant, Quinoa falafel
Selection of Mezzah (Vegan): Mouttabal, Hummus, Arabic salad, Spinach fatayer, Tabbouleh cheese fatayer, Crispy pita
Calamari Fritto (Shellfish): Garlic Cajun aioli, Fried calamari, Carrot, Fried zucchini
Butterfly Crunchy Shrimps (Shellfish): Citrus tartare dip, Breaded crispy shrimps
Slow Cooked Short Ribs Croquettes: Garlic red pepper sauce, Cheese croquettes, BBQ beef short ribs, and Cheese croquettes

Three Sixty Restaurant - 360
torch tower restaurants | Image credit: Tanvir Rahman

Salads and Soups

Burrata Beef Salad (Vegan and gluten-free): Beetroot coulis, Burrata cheese, Fresh mix greens, Balsamic pearls, Orange mustard dressing
Goat Cheese Salad (Vegan and gluten-free): Mixed greens, Avocado, Lemon mustard dressing, Honey walnuts
Insalata De Cesar Chicken: Seared chicken, Romaine lettuce, Garlic croutons, Parmesan flakes, Cardini dressing

Three Sixty Specials

Chef’s Special Seafood (Shellfish): Prawns, Grilled Omani lobster, Hammour, Calamari green beans, Lemon sauce
Chicken Cilantro: Grilled asparagus, half corn-fed baby chicken, glazed carrot, Rosemary jus, Wild mushroom

Three Sixty Restaurant lasagna
Three sixty restaurant 360 doha Lasagna | Image credit: nishan benny

From the Grill

Signature Wagyu Ribeye: Grilled asparagus, Mushroom sauce, Wild sautéed mushroom
Oriental Grill: Shish tawook and lamb kebab, Saffron rice, homemade fries, Garlic paste

QR 25 per side dish

French fries, White rice, Grilled asparagus, Saffron rice, Mashed potato, Steak cut potato, Sautéed baby vegetable


Mushroom Risotto (Vegan and gluten-free): Parmesan cheese, Arborio rice, Porcini mushroom, light creamy sauce
Lasagna: Minced beef, Classic Bolognese lasagna, Parmesan cheese, Fresh tomato, Béchamel sauce

Three Sixty the Torch Restaurant dessert
Three Sixty the Torch Restaurant Foods | Image credit: Adnan Šadić

More Information

Address: Three Sixty Restaurant, Torch hotel, Al-Alab Street, Doha
Restaurant capacity: 85 seats
The nearest metro station: Al-Azizia
360 restaurant Doha contact number: +97444465600
Website: Here

A memorable dish at an unforgettable restaurant

Torch Hotel is definitely one of the best hotels in Qatar, which is a must-visit. If you plan to travel to Qatar, make sure to visit the city of Doha, which has many sights, visit the restaurant of the Three Sixty Hotel, which has a unique view of the city, and enjoy delicious food with your family. If you like this, you may also like Al Shurfa Arabic Restaurant.

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