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Jiwan doha menu

Food is any human being’s neverending lover. You cannot find anybody that hates the delicious and diverse tastes of foods. And what is better than experiencing fine dining in an excellent restaurant in Qatar to satisfy your senses? The Jiwan Restaurant Qatar is one of the nicest restaurants to have a world-class dining experience in an Asian Country. Read about Best restaurants in Qatar.

The Restaurant is among Qatar’s top restaurants offering a collection of flavors in the region. The Arabic dishes are a combination of delectable tastes. The Jiwan Restaurant Doha is a luxurious place to get a taste of Arabic-Asian Cuisine.

Jiwan Restaurant Qatar

From its interesting name to its unique design, the Jiwan restaurant Doha is one of the hidden gems of the city. “Jiwan” is a Qatari word meaning “perfect pearl” and represents the restaurant.

Here is the second operating restaurant in Qatar by Alain Ducasse, a famous French-born chef. Around 130 guests can be accommodated in the dining room and an additional 130 on the terrace.

Jiwan Restuarant location
Jiwan Restaurant Qatar | Image source: Juan Pablo Velez

The Jiwan restaurant is well-known in Qatar for its calming design, excellent service, and crafted menu, all of which make your experience one to remember.

Everything is gathered perfectly in the Jiwan restaurant in Doha. From the lovely interior and hospitable staff to the delectable tastes of the menu, this place is sure to be of the top restaurants in Qatar.

The Jiwan Restaurant Qatar is one of the luxurious places for a dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Jiwan Restaurant reception
Jiwan Restaurant reception | Image credit: Steve Nacif

Location of Jiwan Restaurant Doha

The second Alain Ducasse restaurant opened in 2019 and has a prime location. The Jiwan Restaurant is located in the heart of Doha, near the National Museum of Qatar.

The location of the restaurant is convenient and easily accessible for travelers. Travelers can explore the National Museum of Qatar and other attractions without any hardship.

Jiwan Restaurant location
Jiwan Restaurant in The National Museum of Qatar | Image credit: SRIHARSHAA PRABHAKAR (CCIESRI)

The National Museum of Qatar is a must-go destination for anyone interested in the country’s rich cultural heritage, and it is just a short distance from Jiwan Restaurant. Visitors can enjoy a meal at the Jiwan Restaurant Doha before or after their visit.

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Jiwan Restaurant Design & Setting

The setting and design of a restaurant play a fundamental role in delivering an enjoyable dining experience. The design of the Jiwan Restaurant Qatar is a masterpiece. It is a soothing concept, taking minimalism and luxury to the next level.

The restaurant design represents Qatar’s geography and magical elements, including earth, fire, sea, and desert. The inspiration from the pearl industry of Qatar can be seen in the beautiful ceiling of the restaurant, which is festooned with four million Swarovski glass beads.

Jiwan Restuarant design
Jiwan Restaurant Design & Setting | Image source: Juan Pablo Velez

Elegance is a common thing in the vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant. Comfortable seatings and minimal tables accompanied by a beautiful carpet, showcasing the element of desert sand, makes a person think that this place is heavenly.

The provided terrace with the nicest views of the city is also another luxurious feature of the restaurant, making it ideal for creating memorable experiences. One can enjoy the ambiance and vibrance of the restaurant just by looking at the décor and design.

Jiwan Restaurant Doha Menu

The Jiwan Restaurant Doha menu is a collection of fancy and delightful bites, appetizing starters, flavorful main courses, sizzling side meals, mouthwatering desserts, and a delicious tea menu. A team of experts with years of experience adds their talent detailedly to your item, delivering the best quality to your table.

Every item on the menu is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and different spices. The light bites menu is ideal if you don’t want to eat heavy food and want to test out a small bite.

Jiwan Restaurant menu
Jiwan Restaurant Menu | Image credit: Roberto Giurazza

To start your delicious journey, you can start with the mezze platters and sizzling starters by choosing different items. The main course holds the most surprises for a full meal, especially if you are interested in Qatari cuisine.

You can also order excellent side dishes and delicious Qatari specials to delight your senses. If you are a food enthusiast, The Jiwan Restaurant menu will give you a great example of how the dining experience should be.

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Jiwan Restaurant Desserts & Drinks

The Special and happy ending of any meal is the dessert and drinks part. Tasting the delicious Qatari desserts is an amazing opportunity to feel the culture and history of the Qatari people. Some of the delicious desserts on the menu include Mahalabia, Baklava, and other items.

Jiwan Restuarant doha qatar
Jiwan Restaurant Qatar | Image source: Juan Pablo Velez

For a more energetic experience along with desserts, the Jiwan afternoon tea menu is a great choice for having a delightful drink to fulfill your soul. The Jiwan afternoon tea menu is a must-try in the Jiwan Restaurant of Doha.

Jiwan Reataurant People’s Review

The Jiwan Restaurant Doha is one of the best locations in Qatar to experience Qatari and international cuisine.

The Jiwan restaurant is highly recommended by travelers and even locals. The service, the food, and the setting and view of the restaurant are some of the reasons that have made this restaurant popular with both travelers and locals.

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The Jiwan Restaurant Doha Informations

The Jiwan Restaurant of Qatar is a must-try destination. The restaurant is located on the fourth floor of the National Museum of Qatar, making it an accessible place for visitors. You can reach this place by Doha metro, taxi, and car.

Jiwan doha
Image credit: Xavi Aguilera Cantón

The nearest metro station to the restaurant is the National Museum station. The restaurant accepts deliveries and takeouts. The operation hours of the restaurant are from 12:30 – 8 PM (Monday to Saturday) and from 1.30 – 8 PM on Friday. The restaurant is closed on Sunday.

Delivery or Takeouts: 4452 5725

Website: Here


Forgetting the taste of delicious food is one of the hardest things to do in the world. A true flavorful food can always leave its marks on our brain and tongue. Nestled in Doha, the Jiwan Restaurant Qatar is a sensational place to taste some of the finest dishes.

The Jiwan Restaurant Doha menu offers a variety of tastes and delivers the best experience for its customers. If you are visiting the beautiful city of Doha and want to have a unique dining experience, then the Jiwan Restaurant Doha is the ideal place, where you can feel the luxury and tastes at its excellence.

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