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The capital city of Qatar is a fascinating destination for traveling at all times of the year. Doha is surely a small city but it has it all when it comes to entertainment. From little and small attractions to enormous hotels and resorts, you can almost find everything in the town. Doha is also home to various range of luxurious and qualified restaurants. The La Spiga Doha restaurant is one of Qatar’s most popular Italian dining places. The restaurant is an internationally famous chain brand of Paper Moon restaurants. Let’s know more about this 5-star restaurant located in Doha.

La Spiga by Paper Moon Overview

Paper Moon is an internationally famous chain brand that operates in several locations, such as Milan in Italy, Istanbul in Turkey, and Beirut in Lebanon.

This time, this brand gathered a talented team to bring the art of Italian cuisine to Qatar. Located inside Doha, and was created with heart and effort to deliver the most delicious Italian cuisine in the region.

La Spiga Restaurant Doha is a tasteful journey from less-known Italian dishes, such as pasta to loved ones such as Italian pizza. La Spiga Doha is a place to embrace tastes. The restaurant is ideal for family gatherings and eating with friends.

La spiga doha address
La Spiga by Paper Moon | Image Credit: La Spiga by Paper Moon

The La Spiga by Paper Moon provides a diverse range of famous and signature dishes for normal customers and food enthusiasts.

The warmth, friendly staff, top-level services, and innovative design elevate the overall quality of the restaurant.

Everything is prepared in the restaurant, so customers can have an extraordinary experience and a flavorful and calming journey.

LA SPIGA Doha Design

A notable feature that affects a lot of the dining experience is the décor and design of the facility. A great design along with great food can elevate your experience of a restaurant.

La spiga Doha Design
La Spiga Doha Design | Image Credit: La Spiga by Papermoon

The La Spiga by Paper Moon has a nice and lovely design that is suitable for every style. The calming atmosphere and use of relaxing colors in the design are key features of the La Spiga restaurant.

Moreover, comfortable chairs and tables go perfectly with the style of the design and make a harmonic style to the character of the restaurant.

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The first question that every visitor asks is what you can find at the Italian restaurant in Doha. Well, the talented team of La Spiga has gathered a diverse menu for their customers.

The La Spiga Menu includes a variety of Italian dishes with a hard focus on the art of Italian cuisine. This Menu consists of light antipasti, healthy salads, amazing pasta, tasty pizzas, the best cuts of meat, and the highest-quality seafood.

La spiga menu
La Spiga Menu | Image Credit: A.J. Brunetti

The La Spiga Menu also includes several signature dishes that elevate the quality of the restaurant. Additionally, the La Spiga menu prices aren’t expensive. You can order some of the most delicious foods at an economical price at the La Spiga restaurant.

Desserts and Drinks

Many of us enjoy a nice dessert after our meal. Alongside some of the best Italian dishes, the La Spiga Doha provides nice desserts to give their customers a perfect way to end their meal at the La Spiga by Paper Moon.

The la spiga doha desert and drinks
La Spiga Desserts and Drinks | Image Credit: A.J. Brunetti

The restaurant has a diverse range of desserts to complete its menu. There are also various drinks made with the freshest ingredients, so guests can have their ideal dining experience. (La Spiga by Papermoon Menu)

Paper Moon’s La Spiga Ratings & Reviews

The Paper Moon’s La Spiga is an ideal option to have a nice dining experience inside the vibrant city of Qatar, Doha.

The restaurant is very popular among locals. Perfect ambiance, calming atmosphere, and high-quality foods are only some of the noted features of the restaurant by reviewers and locals. Overall, the restaurant is very well-known for its appetizers and main courses.

So if you are visiting Doha and you are looking for the perfect restaurant, the La Spiga by Paper Moon is the place to go.

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La Spiga Doha Location

The La Spiga Doha is located in the heart of the capital city of Qatar. La Spiga restaurant is situated in the West Bay area, the central business hub of Doha, and home to numerous attractions and tourist sites.

La spiga location
La Spiga Doha Location | Image Credit: Simon Chan

The restaurant is in the W Doha hotel, which makes it convenient for tourists and travelers to make accommodations.

The area of the hotel is also ideal for off-time exploring and sightseeing. Additionally, you can enjoy the vibes of the city and fall in love with Doha. The prime location of the restaurant is reachable via car and taxi.

Nearest Attractions

Here is a list of attractions that you can check out before or after your meal at the restaurant.

  • Head out to the beach: Since the beach is not very far away from the restaurant, you can head out to the beach after finishing a nice meal at the LA SPIGA Doha restaurant and enjoy the fresh air and sea.
  • The City Center Doha Mall: A shopper’s paradise. You can find everything you need in the City Center Mall. So consider visiting this mall before your lunch at Paper Moon’s La Spiga.
  • The Gate Mall: Another amazing location to explore stores and shops before your delicious Italian cuisine at the La Spiga Doha.
  • Al Dafna Park: You can check out this beautiful park for fresh air and a calming atmosphere after your food at the La Spiga Restaurant.


The La Spiga restaurant is located in the West Bay area in W Doha Hotel. So, it is easily accessible via car, taxi, and Doha metro. La Spiga provides Dine-in and takeaway service options.

The restaurant also hosts events and private dining, which can be accommodated. The restaurant is a great option for small events and memorable parties.

La spiga website
La Spiga Food | Image Credit: A.J. Brunetti

The La Spiga restaurant in Doha operates all days of the week from 12 to 11:30 PM.

The La Spiga Doha Address: W Doha Hotel & Residences, Diplomatic St, Doha, Qatar

Website: Here

Final Words

If you want to experience high-level services inside of the capital city of Qatar and try out Italian restaurants in Doha, Paper Moon’s La Spiga is an amazing choice. La Spiga Restaurant is a delicious destination for food lovers and travelers.

The restaurant is designated to please your soul with Italian cuisine. The La Spiga Doha Restaurant is one of the best places in Qatar. La Spiga by Paper Moon is a must-go destination for every local and tourist alike. If you like this article, you may like Morimoto Japanese Restaurant in Doha.


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