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Qatar national museum

The eccentric façade of the National Museum of Qatar, designed by the prominent French architect Jean Nouvel was opened in 2019 and has an architectonic inspired by the peculiar crystal desert rose. Originally, the museum was inaugurated in 1975 in Doha, and it embraces the splendid Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani’s Palace, the abode of the sovereign, which is recognized as the symbol of Qatar’s identity.

History of National Museum of Qatar

Constructed by Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani’s (father of modern Qatar), the historic palace was previously the dwelling of the ruler of Qatar and his family, which served as the political seat of the country. For almost a decade, the palace remained a governmental property.

qatar national museum location
there is a lot of information about Qatar here | Image credit: Stepahnie_els91 (TripAdvisor)

In 1975 the structure was converted into a national Museum and underwent renovation in the later years. The restoration has enkindled a connection between the past and the present since the framework includes both western and archaic Islamic architecture.

What is inside the National Museum of Qatar?

While strolling around the national museum, you will discover a multitude of impressive galleries displaying the path of time in Qatar.

The galleries are exhibited in chronological order. Each of them illustrates the unique phenomenon in history from the formation of Qatar, the Persian Gulf, the natural history of the deserts, artifacts from Bedouin culture, historical exhibitions on the tribal wars, and the establishment of the Qatari state to the discovery of oil.

national museum of qatar
there are so many galleries in there

There are 11 picturesque galleries with 8,000 existing objects in the museum for visitors to observe and learn about.

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Guide to Purchasing your tickets

The national museum of Qatar tickets is available for all visitors from across the world. Opening times are from 10 am to 8 pm with galleries, venues, shops, and cafes on offer in these hours except if otherwise stated.

If you wish to purchase your tickets, the national museum of Qatar entrance fee varies between different age groups. Adult entry fees are QAR 100. The tickets are free for children under the age of 16 as well as adult residents of Qatar.

history of Qatar national museum
Qatar National Museum | Image source: Max Power (TripAdvisor)

One pass holder (you need to validate your One Pass) and residents of Arabian countries, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait, are also free of charge. Please note that the tickets purchased are only valid for a single entry on the date of admission.

How to get to the National Museum?

You can access the NMOQ by metro, bus, car, or by foot. In Mathaf and Museum Park Streets, you can reach the vehicle and pedestrian entrance that is from the roundabout. You can also find a parking lot onsite.

On Emrair Street, the North Playground and kiosks are at hand and are located at the north pedestrian gate. The national museum of Qatar metro station is exit only until 20 December. However, the entrance is accessible on Ras Abu Abboud Street.

qatar national museum galleries
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It will be a 10-minute walk south along Sheraouh Street to Ras Abu Abboud Street. What’s interesting about the convenient public transport of Qatar is the free Mathaf shuttle bus that operates daily from 10 am til 7:30 pm and stops at Mathaf, where the National Museum is situated.

Moreover, there are many more facilities available for public use, such as the Arab Museum of Modern Art, Qatar National Library, Fire Station, National Museum of Qatar, Museum of Islamic Art, and 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum.

The Heritage Garden at the NMoQ Park

This garden is situated in the Museum Park and is called “the heritage garden” since it encompasses several native Qatari florae.

These plants are: Blepharis ciliaris, Cymbopogon commutatus, Rumex vesicarius, Plantago amplexicaulis, Heliotropium curravicum, Senna Italica, and Aerva javanica. If you’re a botanist or appreciate plant life, this location will be a splendid garden of undiscovered herbs for you to run into.

National Museum of Qatar Park

Once you’ve completed sightseeing the outstanding interior of the National Museum, you may want to sit down and relax, breathing the fresh air with a glass of Qatari tea. The Park next to the NMoQ is the perfect spot to leisure and have a break with your friends and family.

Qatar national museum entry fee
Adult entry fees are 100 QAR

This outstanding park is open at all hours, so there is no need to worry about closing hours. Playgrounds, a lagoon, several public artworks, and two large kiosks with facilities, including prayer rooms, washrooms, and cafés, are provided for visitors.

Cave of wonders

In some specific locations in Qatar, the ground will suddenly get hollow, creating a deep cave, also known as a sinkhole or dahl. At this beautiful green park, children can experience a realistic model of these mystifying rocky caves and walk around exploring the depths like a historical explorer.

They can also climb and hide inside these glowing rocks and play with the artifacts hidden beneath the sand, with bats and geckos hanging on the walls and ceilings made to entice a more lifelike look into the caves.


The magnifying National Museum of Qatar architect Jean Nouvel has brought forth a tremendous masterpiece representing the identity of Qatar through his creativity. Discover Qatar’s history and arts by simply strolling around the national museum’s galleries and collections, exhibiting the passage of events in its vibrant showcases. If you like this article, you may like List of Qatar Museums.

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