Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium: Location, Capacity, Seating, Map

Ahmad bin ali stadium

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, located in the heart of Al Rayyan, Qatar, is a marvel of modern architecture and an example of the country’s commitment to sports.

This iconic stadium, named in honor of His Highness Sheikh Ahmad bin Ali Al Thani, has not only hosted some of the biggest tournaments in the football calendar, including the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™, and the 2021 Turkish Super Cup but also serves as the venue for the upcoming AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023.

It is a symbol of Qatar’s passion for football and its commitment to hosting world-class events. In addition, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is a sports center and the home of Al Rayyan Sports Club, which adds another layer to its importance in the local community and beyond.

Join us in this article to learn more about this modern and unique stadium.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium History

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium has a rich history that intertwines with the legacy of Qatar’s former Emir, Ahmad bin Ali Al Thani. The construction of this remarkable sporting venue began in early 2016, occupying its previous location, which was also named after the revered Emir.

The architectural brilliance of the stadium was brought to life by UK-based studio Pattern Design, creating a structure that blends aesthetics and functionality. The reported cost of this project was approximately $360 million.

Who Built Ahmed bin Ali Stadium?

Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, a magnificent sporting arena, was built through a collaborative effort of various experts and companies. The construction process, which lasted from September 30, 2014, to November 2020, led to the opening on December 18, 2020, marked by the match between Al Sadd and Al Arabi, with Al Sadd emerging victorious with a score of 2-1.

ahmed bin ali stadium
Ahmad Bin Ali After A Match

The design of the stadium is credited to Pattern Design, which exhibits a harmonious combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The structural engineering expertise behind the stadium’s form involved Schlaich Bergemann Partner for the steel elements, and Matejko & Wesoły Biuro for the concrete components.

The construction itself was carried out by a joint effort of Al-Balagh and Larsen & Toubro, bringing together their expertise to create an impressive infrastructure.

Other key contributors include KSS Design Group, responsible for interior design, and Hoare Lea, which played a crucial role in MEP engineering, fire safety, acoustics, and building physics.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium Seating Map

The seating map of Ahmad bin Ali Stadium for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ offers a variety of options to suit different preferences.

With four ticket categories, fans can choose from prime areas with Category 1, to outside Category 1 with Categories 2 and 3, and the most affordable option, Category 4, exclusively reserved for Qatari residents.

ahmad bin ali stadium seating
The Seating of the Stadium

The map is thoughtfully designed to ensure an inclusive and enjoyable experience for spectators, allowing them to select seats based on their preferences and budget.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium Matches

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium (Al Rayyan) is going to host an exciting series of football matches during the specified period. The group stage matches include:

November 21: USA vs Wales (Group B)

November 23: Belgium vs Canada (Group F)

November 25: Wales vs Iran (Group B)

November 27: Japan vs Costa Rica (Group E)

November 29: Wales vs England (Group B)

December 1: Croatia vs Belgium (Group F)

The stadium is scheduled to host a crucial Round of 16 match on December 3, featuring the winner of Group C against the runner-up of Group D.

These matches promise exciting moments and show the talents of international football teams. Football lovers can anticipate an electric atmosphere as teams compete for victory in these exciting fixtures.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium Location

The stadium is located in the Al Rayyan district, just 20 kilometers west of the bustling city of Doha. This excellent location makes the stadium accessible to local and international visitors.

al rayyan stadium
The Location of the Stadium

For those arriving by air, Doha Airport is only 28 kilometers away from the stadium, ensuring a convenient and accessible journey for fans and participants. Whether you are flying in for a match or traveling from within the city, the proximity to the airport adds to the convenience of attending events at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium.

Moreover, transportation options are abundant, with Karwa, Uber, and Careem providing easy drop-off and pick-up facilities. This accessibility ensures that spectators can travel to and from the stadium with ease, enhancing the overall experience of enjoying events at this venue.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium near Metro

The stadium is conveniently located near the Al Riffa Metro Station, which is part of Doha’s metro’s green line. This proximity makes it easily accessible for spectators using Qatar public transportation, allowing them to reach the stadium within walking distance from the Doha metro station.

In addition, there is a convenient metro link connecting the stadium to the popular Mall of Qatar, offering greater accessibility and convenience for those looking to explore nearby attractions or engage in shopping and entertainment activities before or after events at the stadium.

How Much Did the Qatar Stadiums Cost?

Qatar invested about $220 billion over 12 years to prepare to host major championships, including the FIFA World Cup. Out of this, $6.5 billion was allocated to construct seven cutting-edge stadiums and renovate another, making them among the most technologically advanced in the world.

ahmad bin ali stadium cost
Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium Architecture

It is important to note that the significant investments and improvements in infrastructure have been a part of Qatar’s wider efforts to host world-class events and demonstrate its commitment to sports and innovation.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium Qatar Tickets

For the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ matches at the stadium, there are four ticket categories available to meet different preferences:

Category 1: This is the highest-priced category that offers seats in the most visited areas of the stadium. Fans who choose this category can enjoy a premium viewing experience.

Categories 2 and 3: Located outside the category 1 area, these categories offer different views of the game. They offer a wide range of options for spectators looking for a balance between a good price and a good view of the action on the pitch.

Category 4: This is the most affordable category, designed to make the FIFA World Cup experience accessible to a wider audience. Notably, Category 4 tickets are exclusively reserved for residents of Qatar, providing a special opportunity for locals to be a part of the excitement.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium Capacity

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, located in the Al-Rayyan area, has a significant capacity of about 45,000 spectators.

ahmad bin ali stadium capacity
Ahmad bin Ali Stadium Qatar

This carefully designed capacity strikes a balance between creating an intimate atmosphere for fans to enjoy the action on the field while accommodating a substantial audience for major sporting events.

The stadium’s capacity ensures a vibrant and engaging experience for all who gather to witness the thrill of football within its iconic walls.

Final Word

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar is a standard and magnificent stadium that shows Qatar’s commitment to excellence in sports and hosting events. From its architectural splendor designed by Pattern Design to its strategic location, this modern complex has become an important part of Qatar’s sporting landscape.

The stadium has showcased world-class football by hosting major tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

With its rich history, convenient access, and diverse seating options, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium promises a wonderful and memorable experience for spectators.

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