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Hyatt plaza opening hours

Shopping is always fun, and shopping lovers do not miss any opportunity to do it; especially when they have gone on a trip. Moreover, with the changes in the structure of today’s shopping centers, these centers are becoming attractive places where visitors can not only shop but also enjoy sightseeing, entertainment, and restaurant tours in addition to shopping. Therefore, tourist destinations are also trying to focus more on the construction of attractive and fun shopping centers to attract more tourists.

The country of Qatar is also one of these tourist destinations that, along with hosting the 2022 World Cup and following its continuous efforts in the field of tourism development, has built multi-purpose shopping centers and renovated its old commercial complexes. In the following, we will introduce Hyatt Plaza shopping centers, a famous shopping center that can also be introduced as Doha’s attraction.

The architecture of the Hyatt Plaza mall

Hyatt Plaza Mall is located in one of the fastest-growing areas in Doha. Located next to the magnificent Aspire Park and adjacent to the Sports City, Hyatt Plaza provides the perfect space for shopping, relaxing, dining, and family fun.

Hyatt plaza mall outside
Hyatt plaza mall | Image credit: Faisal Pangat

The architecture of this center is very attractive and spectacular. The building is surrounded by beautiful windows that let the sunlight shine into Hyatt Plaza as beautifully as possible. The corridors of this mall are long and have classic Qatari-style architecture.

Hyatt plaza careers

Hyatt Plaza Shopping Center is an attractive and ideal mall for shopping and entertainment, with a green and open environment, covered parking, and suitable space for families, which makes it an ideal destination for family shopping.

The size of this shopping center is 38,000 square meters, and more than 74 stores and food outlets operate in this shopping center.

Hyatt plaza mall
Hyatt plaza mall | Image credit: yousif ibrahim

Among the most important and popular stores in this shopping center are LC Waikiki Hyatt plaza, Géant Hypermarket, Homes ‘R’ Us, Pari Gallery, and Kiddy Zone; The stores sell a variety of goods, including custom crafts and accessories, body care items, sweets, and the latest technology.

Jungle zone Hyatt plaza

Jungle Zone is the first and most popular theme park in Doha. The indoor space of this theme park is 4500 square meters. Jungle zone provides a fun experience for children with various toys and attractions such as a racetrack, bumper cars, bumper boats, 7D Dark Ride, multisensory games, and Splash Falls.

One of the sections of the jungle zone is called the nest area, which is specially designed and built for younger children. The rides and games in this section are suitable for the age and size of younger children and are highly safe.

Hyatt plaza Jungle zone
Jungle zone Hyatt plaza | Image credit: وليد الصباغ

The playground equipment is checked and tested daily, and several emergency exits are installed to make the visitors feel at ease in terms of safety.

Some other entertainment and games in this series, such as Water Cannons and Basketball Hoops, have exquisite and interesting prizes that are very attractive for children and teenagers. In addition, the jungle zone zip line and trampoline are also very popular.

Hyatt plaza restaurants

The Hyatt plaza food court is a pleasant collection of many food centers that offer a wide and diverse range of local and international foods. Some of the best restaurants and cafes in this shopping center are:

Canaan Gardens Restaurant: This restaurant serves a variety of authentic Arabic dishes. The beautiful and spacious atmosphere of this restaurant is suitable for families. With people’s tastes in mind, this dish is an ideal choice for a holistic experience. This restaurant is famous for 3 Gs, which means Great Food, Great Ambience, and Great Service.

Chillis: This restaurant, with delicious food, special drinks, and high-quality service, is another popular restaurant in this shopping center. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very casual and suitable for sightseeing with family and friends.

Hyatt plaza restaurant
Hyatt Plaza Restaurant | Image credit: Jansen Castillo

Nandos: Nandos is the best Afro-Portuguese restaurant, famous for serving the best-grilled chicken in the world.

Tim Hortons: Tim Hortons is the best Canadian coffee chain. You can eat the best sweets, pennies, and soups here.

Starbucks: Everyone knows Starbucks. You can enjoy the best and freshest coffees with an extremely pleasant smell at Starbucks.

Hyatt plaza map

Hyatt Plaza Mall, located on Al Waab Street, is about 10 kilometers away from Doha. There are two ways to go to this mall. The first way is the Qatar metro, which takes about 25 minutes, and the second way is taking a taxi, which takes about 10 minutes and costs about 4 euros.

More information to visit Hyatt Plaza

Website: Here
Phone: +974 4499 9666
Working hours: Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am to 10 pm
Thursdays from 8 am to 1 pm
Fridays from 2 pm to 11 pm
Best time to travel and visit: December and February due to pleasant weather in Qatar
Facilities: more than 74 shops, restaurants and cafes, Hyatt plaza wifi, Bank, equipped laundry, covered parking, prayer hall and wheelchairs for disabled people.

Hyatt Plaza Location
Hyatt Plaza Doha | Image credit: Gamal Mohammed

Happy Shopping!

Shopping is one of the necessities of today’s life, which, in addition to meeting daily needs, has become a form of entertainment. For this reason, luxury and advanced shopping centers are built in many countries, making them another type of tourist attraction.

Qatar has also performed excellently in this field, has built the best shopping centers, and stores with an international reputation so that tourists can go sightseeing and shopping in addition to getting to know and visiting cultural attractions. On your trip to Qatar, don’t forget to visit Hyatt plaza.

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