Tawar Mall Qatar (Shops, Restaurants, Cinema, Location)

Tawar Mall

Enchanted by the beauty and filled with the greatest malls in Asia, the capital city of Qatar, Doha, is home to various little and enormous malls. It has become a shopper’s paradise in recent years, attracting all kinds of tourists from all around the world. Tawar Mall is one of Qatar’s most renowned malls, featuring various brands and shopping retailers. Tawar Mall shops are the go-to spot for buying high-quality merchandise and exploring the world of fashion, cosmetics, and technology.

In this article, we will explore the Tawar Mall Map and Check out Tawar Mall stores.

Tawar Mall Qatar

Shopping enthusiasts of all ages can find a variety of retail, dining, and entertainment options at Tawar Mall, a well-known shopping destination in the lively city of Doha, Qatar.

The mall is located in the bustling commercial and residential district of Doha and features a modern, expansive design with a well-thought-out interior that makes for a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience.

Tawar Mall Qatar boasts elegant and distinctive design components and has been created to the highest international standards. The mall has 91,000 square meters of leasable retail space spread over an astonishing 300,958 square meters.

Tower Mall Restaurant
Tawar Mall Cafe

The mall is advantageously located close to business and commuter routes, and Hamad International Airport is about 20 minutes away.

Tawar Mall Location

Between West Bay and al Garrafa in the Al Duhail neighborhood sits Tawar Mall. The famed Corniche seaside promenade and the core business district are both about 13 kilometers (8 miles) away from the mall (location on map).

About 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) north of Tawar Mall, Aspire Zone Park is a large green area renowned for its picturesque scenery, playgrounds, and running trails. It’s a wonderful spot to relax, enjoy outdoor activities, or have a picnic.

Another large shopping and entertainment complex in Doha is Doha Festival City, which is situated around 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) north of the mall.

Tawar Mall Stores

Many local and worldwide companies offering a wide variety of apparel, accessories, gadgets, home furnishings, and more can be found at the mall.

Guests can explore shops ranging from boutiques to well-known international brands that offer a broad assortment of goods to suit a range of tastes and preferences.

Tawar Mall Photos
Tawar Mall Shops

Tawar Mall carries well-known brands like Kiddy Zone, Sports Corner, Riva, Starlink, and Merch. In addition, there are bookstores, stationery stores, beauty and cosmetics stores, sports and fitness stores, electronics and technology stores, and outlets for home furnishings and design.

You can also find jewelry, accessories, and specialist shops that target particular items or markets.

Tawar Mall Restaurants

There are several eateries, cafes, and food courts within the mall where guests can enjoy a variety of gastronomic experiences. After exploring, the mall is the ideal location for an enjoyable eating experience.

Renowned food courts, renowned eateries, and numerous other nearby food establishments provide services that enhance the shopping experience for patrons. Additionally, there are coffee shops at the Tawar Mall, such as Starbucks.

Tawar Mall Features

Tawar Mall in Qatar offers a range of facilities and conveniences to make shopping more enjoyable. Throughout the mall, there are plenty of parking spaces, including covered and open-air parking lots, as well as free WiFi.

The needs of guests are met with prayer rooms and baby changing rooms. The mall has elevators and ramps to guarantee handicapped accessibility. Conveniently, located seating areas and rest areas make great places to unwind and gather.

Tawar Mall Qatar
Tawar Mall Grocery store

BOUNCE Trampoline Park, situated in the mall, provides interactive kid-friendly activities at Tawar Mall Qatar. In addition, Tawar Mall features an antique souq, a musical water feature, an outdoor gallery, and a 4-star boutique hotel.

There is an outdoor musical water fountain in the mall where guests can enjoy the colorful water display timed with music while relaxing on chairs.

Moreover, there’s a dining space with a pink cherry blossom tree and an amazing waterfall-like LED wall display.

Tawar Mall Design

Tawar Mall in Qatar stands out thanks to its striking and distinctive design. The mall, which is more than 300,958 square meters in size, has a roomy layout with escalators and travelators connecting different levels.

The design includes atriums, which provide an open, breezy atmosphere. Stainless steel cladding adds visual beauty and practicality to the mall’s facade. The distinctive gate, which acts as an entrance and improves the mall’s aesthetic appeal, is one of the most notable architectural features.

Inside, guests are mesmerized by the LED waterfall, an impressive show that mimics a waterfall falling. The mall features elegant and distinctive design elements at every turn, all of which are built to the best international standards. Offering a posh and sophisticated shopping experience is the goal.

Tawar Mall Cinema

Novo Cinemas Tawar Mall is situated in Doha, Qatar’s Tawar Mall. Tawar Mall Cinema features nine automatic recliners for cozy seating. Dolby Atmos sound technology is included, offering a rich auditory experience. Personal butler service is available in one of Novo Cinemas Tawar Mall’s auditoriums.

Tawar Mall Cinema
Novo Cinema Qatar

Tawar Mall Gym

Tawar Mall Gym, also known as Powerhouse Gym, is a fitness club with a variety of services and amenities at the mall. In addition to group exercise programs, including yoga, spin, Zumba, Circuit Training, and MX4, the gym offers cutting-edge cardio and strength training equipment.

Members can get help from personal trainers, and spa treatments are provided for unwinding after a workout. Services for childcare guarantee that parents may work out while their kids are being looked after nearby.

The fitness center has private locker rooms, racquetball and basketball courts, and an aquatic pool. Interestingly, members of Tawar Mall’s Powerhouse Gym can work out whenever it’s convenient for them, thanks to its 24/7 access.

How to Get There

To reach Tawar Mall in Qatar, you have multiple transportation options. If you have a private vehicle or use a ride-hailing service, you can use GPS or navigation apps to guide you to the mall in the Al Markhiya neighborhood.

Tawar Mall Map
Tawar Mall Doha

Qatar’s public transportation system, including buses and the Doha Metro System, is another option. Tawar Mall’s nearest metro station is Al Messila Station; from there, you can take a cab or walk a short distance. However, it is important to mention that Tawar Mall is closed for now and will be open soon.

Tawar Mall opening date: 2024

Tawar Mall Address: Al Markhiya Street, Doha, Doha 00974

Final Words

Tawar Mall is one of the best malls to explore in Doha. Featuring big brands, great amenities, and top-notch restaurants, the mall has gained a lot of popularity among both locals and tourists. The mall has received several reviews for its design and features. If you ever visited Doha and got bored at your hotel room, make sure to check out Tawar Mall for a 2-3 hour exploration and wander around the halls and enjoy this shopping paradise.

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