Parisa Restaurant (JungKook’s Favorite in Qatar)

Parisa Sough Waqif

If you are looking for one of the fine dine restaurants in Doha, we have just the perfect choice for you! An Iranian restaurant in Souq Waqif with exquisite interiors and delicious cuisine. Parisa Restaurant in Souq Waqif, designed based on a Persian theme, with interiors and food reflecting Persian culture and traditions, provides the best service for its customers.

For the past four years, Parisa restaurant Souq Waqif has served the visitors of Qatar with the perfect Persian dining experience. On your travel to Qatar If you find yourself in the traditional Souq Waqif in Qatar, look no further than Parisa Restaurant for an exceptionally savory feast in one of the best restaurants in Doha.

Iranian Restaurant in Souq Waqif

Although many Qatari restaurants in Doha serve top Qatari dishes, there is something exceptional and different about Parisa Restaurant Souq Waqif.

As you step into the restaurant, you will be taken to a breathtaking Persian palace as if you traveled back in time to the Qajar dynasty of Persia.

Parisa persian restaurant
Parisa Restaurant in Souq Waqif, designed based on a Persian theme | Image: Tripadvisor

It is incredibly delightful to be surrounded by the exquisite interior design of the restaurant that reflects Persian culture.

You can see the fascinating interior of Parisa Restaurant in the music video for the World Cup 2022 (Dreamers), with BTS Jungkook standing in the center of this magical place.

Occasionally, you can witness a live band playing traditional music at the restaurant, adding a new ambiance to the atmosphere.

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The Splendid Interior Design

Parisa Restaurant in Doha has an authentic Persian aesthetic you cannot forget. The intricate mosaics with stunning hand-painted Persian artworks are incredibly captivating and add a unique charm to the surroundings.

Jungkook at parisa restaurant
Jungkook at Parisa Restaurant | Image: Pinterest

Travelers who come here to grab a bite and admire the restaurant’s beautiful decoration are fascinated by the fancy crystal chandeliers and glided walls. Every inch of the Parisa Souq Waqif Restaurant is decorated with thousands of colorful mirrors, raining colorful lights inside.

You will enjoy every bite of the food at this restaurant, not only for its fancy aesthetics but also for its authentic Persian cuisine.

What Does Parisa Souq Waqif Offer?

A notable feature of the restaurant which makes it much more worth visiting is its friendly service. Friendliness and high-quality service are the restaurant’s utmost priorities.

Chefs are hired directly from Iran, which guarantees an authentic Persian taste. The restaurant is known for its excellent Iranian food, which you can taste nowhere else but at Parisa Restaurant in Souq Waqif in Qatar.

Iranian restaurant in Doha
Semi-private seating | Image: Tripadvisor

Dining at Parisa restaurant in Doha is a must if you want to enjoy rich Persian cuisine. The menu highlights at the restaurant Parisa Souq Waqif are kebabs, skewers, and rice. The restaurant also offers a great variety of appetizers and desserts to make you enjoy your feast to the fullest.

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Parisa Souq Waqif Menu

Guests at Parisa Restaurant in Qatar can enjoy a dining experience inspired by Persian culture. There is a wide variety of Persian food available here, from starters to desserts. You can start with various types of Persian soups or ask the staff for their recommendations.

As for the main dish, we can already suggest the best Persian food of all time, which is a must no matter where you try it, the famous Persian Kebab. You can have it either with bread or white rice, traditionally served with yogurt, vegetables, pickles, etc.

Persian food in Qatar
Persian foods in Qatar | Image: Tripadvisor

Taj Berah Kebab, the chef’s signature dish, is one of the best dishes to try here out of the whole menu.

There are quite a wide variety of choices for the main dish, but whatever you choose will not disappoint you with the taste. As for salads, you can find options like Salad-e-Shirazi, Parisa Watermelon Salad, Parisa Green Salad, and Beetroot Salad.

Endless Appetizers Options

Among the cold appetizers, some delicious options are spinach yogurt, shallot yogurt, yogurt and cucumber dip, Zeytoon Parvardeh, or marinated olives.

There is a wide selection of hot appetizers, such as Mirza Ghassemi, Kashk Bademjan, Bell Pepper Dolma, Koofteh Anar, and Kebab Tabei, from which you can choose your desired one. Furthermore, this restaurant offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, making it one of Qatar’s best restaurants.

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Persian Desserts and Beverages

If you also have a sweet tooth for desserts, you can’t miss the delicious dessert menu of Parisa Restaurant Souq Waqif. In the category of desserts, you can find many options like Parisa sweet plate, Bastani Akbar Mashti, Faloudeh Shirazi, and Ferreni, which are all the most popular desserts of all among Iranians.

Persian Desserts
Persian Appetizer | Image: Tripadvisor

On the beverage menu also, there are unlimited options like soft drinks, Parisa mocktails like mint lemonade, Persian-style refreshers, orange and pomegranate juice, and so much more.

Herbal teas like rose tea, saffron tea, purple hibiscus, chamomile, and other beverages are also served at Parisa Restaurant.

Even if you know only a little about Iran, you certainly should know there’s nothing in this world to compare with the taste and aura of Persian black tea.

Ramadan Menu

During the holy month of Ramadan, the Persian Parisa Restaurant offers its iftar menu, and it’s absolutely delicious. The menu starts with dates and milk.

Parisa Restaurant in Doha
Parisa Restaurant in Doha | Image: Tripadvisor

They serve special bread, cheese, yogurt with cucumber, and hot eggplant plates as appetizers. You can order lamb kabab, chicken kabab, and lamb cubes with okra for your main dish.

Saffron rice is served with every main dish. And last but not least is dessert, a super tasty rice pudding you’d love after the first bite.

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Parisa Souq Waqif Reviews

What’s better than a great place to relax and eat a hearty meal after a hectic shopping day at Souq Waqif in Qatar? Parisa restaurant’s intricate interiors and delicious dishes made its guests fall in love with the place.

The guests of the Parisa restaurant had the opportunity to sit at a table separated from the other tables, allowing them privacy while still being part of the restaurant’s atmosphere.

Parisa restaurant in souq waqif
VIP room | Image: Tripadvisor

Here can be a perfect place for business meetings and gatherings as well. The Parisa Restaurant Souq Waqif provides the ideal atmosphere for anyone who enjoys their own space and wants to take in the whole atmosphere of the restaurant.


If you also want to dine in one of the best restaurants in Doha, try Parisa restaurant. However, table spaces are limited; therefore, make sure you have an advanced booking.

For Parisa souq waqif reservation, contact: +974 4441 1494 or email: [email protected]

At Parisa souq waqif Instagram account @Parisarestaurants, you can check their posts and stories and gather more info.

You can reach the restaurant through Doha – Souq Waqif – Al Souq St، Doha, Qatar.

Make Your Reservation Now!

Parisa Restaurant is truly a hidden treasure in Souq Waqif.

Parisa souq waqif reservation
Parisa souq waqif reservation | Image: Tripadvisor

You would never imagine there was an interior design as elegant and stunning as the Persian restaurant of Parisa, among the traditional and plain look of Souq Waqif.

Once the doors open, you feel like you are entering a magical place with a dazzling outlook.


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  1. Dear Sirs,
    I was dinner at Parisa Persian Cuisine, Souq Waquif, on April 2, 24. Since I was traveling on vacation in India, Nepal where I have tried all their specialities and did have any food problem, I went to Parisa To try another food specialit. I asked the waiter (106 Saeid) what he could suggest me and the choice was : Kabab Vaziri and I took it. Unfortunately the ” meat” was spoiled and I got a serious diaheria which started when I got to my hotel. I took some medicines and the diaheria never stopped. I had a flight to São Paulo – Brazil on April 5th and during all the flight I went to toilette several times feeling terribly bad. After a long flight of 15 hours I got here and at the airport, I called my doctor who told me to buy 2 others medicines at the drugstore inside there.
    Today in Sunday, I still have the diaheria, with less intensity but I have been eating nothing but apple, tea and toast.
    I am sending you this email to report my deception and all situation I got eating something that was spoiled. Please advise the cook person to be aware when he selects the food to be served because I was terribly sick and the flight back was a nightmare!

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